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Foundation Capabilities

ClinicalKey Student is a great way of searching through all of the Elsevier books in a very efficient manner. Even if you have all them all in print or even PDF, it’s difficult to find what you need as quickly as you can with ClinicalKey Student – I think any tool to save us medical students precious time is great.

– Bliss, 4th year medical student, Harvard University

On my cardiology rotation, I was recently asked to interpret the patient’s ECG – I had no idea what to do, so after being told the diagnosis by the foundation year doctor I then downloaded ECG Made Easy on ClinicalKey Student and read up on how to interpret an ECG. 2 hours later, I was a pro at reading ECGS.

– Derrick, 3rd year medical student, King's College London

What I like about ClinicalKey Student is that it gives you access to loads of books. My favourite feature is marking and annotating different parts of the books helping me to remember the places to refer back to and create summaries.

– Martin, 3rd year medical student, Munchen Ludwig Maximilians Universitat

The other day I was measuring the BMI of children, so I read up on normal child development in the “Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics” on ClinicalKey before starting placement. I then encountered a child with DMD so I quickly read up on Muscoskeletal disorders after I had lunch. The compact nature of ClinicalKey makes it so ideal – I do not want to be lugging around textbooks in my bag – I hardly have space for my stethoscope.

– Derrick, 3rd year medical student, King's College London

Assessment Capabilities

I started using ClinicalKey over a year ago and having all the books accessible online and offline is extremely useful! The assessment capabilities with the question bank is also really useful. Just the other day we had a mini challenge to diagnose in class and I found it really helpful to find the answers I needed - I didn’t know I could use the product for that but it was really amazing. It also gives you feedback for all the specialties that you are good at or bad at. I was really bad at neurology, so I started reading about it and testing myself and it helped me a lot.

– Juan Pablo, 4th year medical student, University of Complutense

The best thing about the assessment capabilities within ClinicalKey Student is the question bank and the flexibility that you can solve them anywhere anytime. You can just select the answers and it gives you a beautiful explanation why this is the answer and why this is not the answer.  The quality of questions are so good. It really challenges your brain… I’ve learned a lot from it

– Rachit, 4th year medical student, Medical College Baroda

The assessment capabilities are really useful, it allowed me to practice and test my clinical knowledge. It was useful in that it would give me a breakdown of each speciality so I could see where I needed to improve and what I was already good at and that really helped me focus my revision and focus my work.

– Maria, 4th year medical student, Barts & the London School of Medicine & Dentistry

The thing I liked the most about the assessment capabilities of ClinicalKey Student was the ability to test and retest yourself. In med school curriculum we are taught about an idea called space repetition and how it is so important for building memory and I think that is the very central part of what ClinicalKey Student is. It helps to encourage that repetitive learning which will build long term memory. So, I found it very useful and also being able to search from so many different references at your fingertips. I think we are at the stage where we are bombarded with information, there is so much to know and where do we even start and ClinicalKey Student actually helps to streamline that information.

– Aaron, 4th year medical student, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

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