Rachit Shah

I’m Rachit Shah, a 4th year Medical Student from Medical College Baroda in India.

At the start of my study sessions, I try to solve complex ECG problems and that charges me up for the whole day.

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Here’s a little bit more about me!

So, why medicine? Who or what inspired you to go to Medical School?

My family and especially my grandfather used to call me ‘doctor’ since I was very small. And that created a constant motivating environment for me. So, it’s a family dream come true. During my high school days, I developed a strong liking towards reading everything that related to the human body. And seeing some doctors in my Family, I was fascinated at how noble and respectable a profession this is. Above all, best way to serve humanity.

How do you learn/ study best?

Whenever I read a disease, I imagine a patient in front of me and I try to make it as a story as to what the patient’s complaint was and how I managed it.

Aside from medicine, what are you passionate about?

Swimming, Cycling, Painting (on my iPad). I always loved Indian Classical Music and I feel that nirvana when I hear it. So soothing. I began learning Flute and even Sitar. But didn’t continue that. Regarding reading, apart from medical science, I am also fascinated by Space Science and Physics. My best friend is pursuing aeronautical engineering at Georgia Tech So I’ll learn and experience a lot from him.

If we asked your friends/ family to describe you in three words what would they be?

Compassionate, passionate, persevering, philonoist. (I asked my friend 😉)

Grey’s Anatomy or ER

I’ve not watched either of them. I am great fan of House MD and The good doctor.

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