Liangchen Guo

I’m Liangchen Guo, a 5th Year Medical Student from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

I love drawing and have done a whole set of anatomical drawings. Medicine is a great opportunity for me to combine my hobbies in art with my studies.

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Here’s a little bit more about me!

What’s been your highlight so far in Medical School?

My neurology rotation, without a doubt. I had the chance to really apply my knowledge in anatomy and physiology in clinical practice. Discuss patient cases with the residents / attendings was both inspiring and humbling.

How do you learn/ study best?

Visualizing the pathways / interactions, literally. For anatomy I had the best results when I practically "constructed" a 3D model of the structures in my head.

Aside from medicine, what are you passionate about?

History, drawing / art, and I dabble in botany from time to time

Why did you enter the ClinicalKey Global Challenge?

It was a wonderful learning experience and opportunity to compare my knowledge with that of medical students from around the world. It was also a friendly competition between my friends in Medical School.

If we asked your friends/ family to describe you in three words what would they be?

Hard-working, dedicated, funny.

McBurney’s Point, a medical term or a cheese?

Trick question?? Medical term? (If it were a cheese, I'd probably not eat it)

Grey’s Anatomy or ER


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