Aaron Goh

I’m Aaron Goh, a 4th Year Medical Student from Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine in Singapore.

I play four different musical instruments, one of which just happens to be the Great Highland bagpipe.

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Here’s a little bit more about me!

So why Medicine?
Who or what inspired you to go to Medical School?

One of my first experiences with healthcare was when I was diagnosed with a heart murmur at a family clinic. This condition prevented me from participating in a physically strenuous race, but more importantly caused a great deal of anxiety and stress for myself. Following a referral to a cardiologist, he ran an echocardiogram and concluded that the murmur was benign! What most impressed me was his ability to empathise and alleviate my concerns, beyond just addressing the 'medical' aspects of the case. This left a deep impression in my memory and was the first time I seriously considered medicine as a career.

Along the way I've had various other mentors in the medical field who inspired me with their clinical acumen and bedside manners and were the people I aspire to become like someday. They echoed the same tune: that should I choose to do medicine, I would have to mentally prepare myself for a long and challenging journey ahead. Yet all of them also said that it was well worth the sacrifices. True to their words, the journey thus far has been challenging yet immensely fulfilling.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to somebody about to start Medical School?

You've done so much to be where you are today, and you're about to begin an incredible, life-changing journey. Don't be too hard on yourself when the going gets tough - it's so easy to feel overwhelmed and burnt-out, but remember: progress, not perfection. And even when you don't feel like the fire that you are, know that you are not the same person that you were yesterday; that even here you are growing, and that it's okay not to know everything.

Write a letter to your future self before you start medical school, and attach your personal statement to that letter! then pull it out again whenever the going gets tough - to remind yourself again of why you put in those late nights; to remind yourself of that sparky-eyed pre-med student who wanted to serve others. May that rekindle the fire inside of you.

Why did you enter the ClinicalKey Global Challenge?

It was a strangely well-targeted Instagram ad that caught my attention... and honestly? I'm here today only by unmerited Grace. I entered the competition out of genuine curiosity, but slowly came to realise that this competition was so much more than just a race to the finish.

To me, the challenge is an opportunity to network with some of the most talented medical students and physicians from around the world, leaders in their fields who are similarly committed to providing excellent healthcare. Furthermore, the workshops and challenges in London would stretch me to become a more holistic and competent healthcare professional and leader. I have grown much over the past few months of the competition and look forward to growing and learning through the rest of the process.

McBurney’s Point, a medical term or a cheese?

Chees- nah just kidding!

Definitely the anatomical location to test for Appendicitis - my Surgical tutors taught me well ;)

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