Arturo Barrientos Garro

I’m Arturo Barrientos Garro, a 2nd Year Medical Student from Universidad EIA in Colombia.

I am part of the first group of med students my university has ever formed!

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Here’s a little bit more about me!

So, why medicine? Who or what inspired you to go to Medical School?

Since I was just a little kid, I knew for sure that I wanted to become a doctor. I played with doctor´s toys with my teddies and I imagined myself as a surgeon. In my family, there´s no one who has chosen the path to study medicine. So, I will be the first one. That frightens me a little, but I’ve now realised I should take advantage of that and use it to encourage myself to be the best physician.

What’s been your highlight so far in Medical School?

Fun Fact: I am part of the first group of med students my university has ever formed so that has given me the chance to become a positive leader among my partners, my teachers, and other people in my academic community and I think it is an achievement. Talking about more academic subjects, this challenge is for sure one of my highlights during my career but also being the student with the best grades during these two years is also a great achievement but I don't like to brag a lot about it cause I know I'm not perfect and there will be things that someone would be best at than me.

How do you learn/study best?

Another fun fact: Unlike most medical students I don't like reading a lot, so the best way I have to study is the use of audiobooks and videos and flashcards; all these things that nowadays technology has have come in very handy for me.

You've been using ClinicalKey Student for a while now, what do you like about it?

My university has had access to ClinicalKey Student the entire time so I'm very familiar with the platform. As I said before, I don't like reading so the fact that CKS has the option of having someone read the text for you is awesome, I like it a lot. Also the fact that you have this bunch of questions that I can use to practice for my exams and the fact that I can create flashcards or use some that are already created is very handy.

Why did you enter the ClinicalKey Student Global Challenge?

I entered because I knew Elsevier because of my university. One day I was just scrolling down Facebook and I ran into an ad about the challenge and I decided to join because I wanted to test my knowledge and to see if what I've learned during this two years is really useful in the medical field (in fact it was).

What learnings have you taken from the ClinicalKey Student Global Challenge?

CKSGC21 has been a great experience. I've learned the value of leadership in medicine accompanied by the knowledge needed. I got to explore the ClinicalKey Student platform further and test my skills. I also got to meet very talented med students from all over the globe and that was just wonderful. I can't wait for the finale and to meet all my new friends! Super excited!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to somebody about to start Medical School?

I´ll tell them to enjoy the trip, cause everyone (at least in my country) thinks that studying medicine is a sacrifice. It is expensive, demanding and exhausting ...they are right at some points, but you can't just focus on the bad things that studying medicine implies. There are a lot of magical things that you learn every day that gets you fascinated with science, the human body and your career in general. Don't be afraid to join the medical community, create your own groups of friends (Trip partners) to support each other, enjoy while studying (the trip), and learn at least one new thing every day (cause this trip never ends) is the advice I would give them.

As a Medical student, what does a typical day look like for you?

I´m still very young in my career doing the Basic Sciences of medicine and don't get to go to the hospital just yet. A normal day for me starts waking up early (around 5-7 am, depends on the time I got my first class of the day), I have a shower and have a light breakfast. Then I commute to the university with some friends (it takes us like 1 hour to go from our house to the campus) we attend classes, labs, lectures all day long, have lunch there go to the library to study sometimes and have fun while studying... At the end of our day (4-6 pm) my group of friends and I go back to our homes to have dinner with our families and rest a little if we don't have research to do or homework. I normally go to sleep around 10-11 pm and my day ends here.

If we asked your friends/family to describe you in three words, what would they be?

Loving, caring, humble.

Grey’s Anatomy, New Amsterdam or The Good Doctor?

Grey's Anatomy

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