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Nerves were tested, resolve was judged, and 12 golden brains faced the thrilling clinical finale in London.

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In 2019, we hosted a Global Challenge to find medical students that really shine. Designed by our leading experts Dr. Ted O’Connell, Dr. Ryan Pedigo, Dr Hao-Hua Wu and Dr. Raj Dasgupta, this was an experience like no other!

With over 2,600 medical students, from over 80 countries, across 4 rounds of questions plus an intense video round, we found 12 golden brains to compete in the ultimate clinical finale in London!

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India If you're from India, please register for ClinicalKey Students National Challenge 2020 here.

ClinicalKey Student Global Challenge - Finalists team

It’s been an incredible journey

We are delighted to announce the winning team of the ClinicalKey Global Challenge 2019...Happy Red Blood Cells! An international team of amazing medical students who competed through four rounds of clinical medicine questions on our ClinicalKey Student platform and a video round to win a place at our finale; an immersive clinical case escape room.

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The Global Challenge

1. Brainpower Assessment

4 question rounds over 4 weeks.

Our brain testing questions were designed to challenge our participants knowledge and nerve.

Each week, 25 questions went live for 3 days where they were to be completed within 25 minutes.

Everyone automatically made it through Round 1 to Round 2, after that we removed the bottom 20% of participants unless their score improved by 10% from the previous round.

Only the best progressed through the question rounds to the video challenge!

2. Video Challenge

273 videos entered the round.

After proving gold standard, our participants were asked to submit a video for the video challenge.

They were asked to tell us a fun fact about themselves, why they joined the challenge, how they galvanize their teammates towards achieving a common goal and how they resolve conflict with their peers.

After a gruelling judging process with our clinical experts, the final ‘golden’ 12 were chosen.

3. The Clinical Finale

The ultimate clinical finale. November 15 – 18.

The final 12 arrived in London for a whirlwind weekend that was the grand finale.

It was a clinical challenge like no other. A clinical escape room.

Nerves were tested. Resolve was judged. One team was crowned the ClinicalKey Global Challenge champions!

A head start

As part of the challenge we gave participants access to ClinicalKey Student for 3 months which gave them access to over 200 medical education titles, 850 videos and 85,000 images as well as additional questions to help them master their skills.

Remember the Hackathon?

Back in 2017 we brought you Elsevier Hacks a hugely successful event that brought medical students from across the world together with designers and developers to build solutions to challenges in medical education.

Don’t take our word for it

The ClinicalKey Global Challenge finalists say it best:

When I read about the opportunity of participating in this competition, I did not think about it twice.

Juan Pablo Scarano Pereira, University of Complutense, Spain

It was a wonderful learning experience and opportunity to compare my knowledge with that of medical students from around the world.

Liangchen Guo, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

I love competitive formats which in my opinion are far too few in the subject of medicine. In my experience, a (healthy) competition motivates certain people unlike anything else, making it the perfect learning opportunity.

Martin Ryll, Munchen Ludwig Maximilians Universitat, Germany

To me, the challenge is an opportunity to network with some of the most talented medical students and physicians from around the world, leaders in their fields who are similarly committed to providing excellent healthcare.

Aaron Goh, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Singapore

The Elsevier Clinical Key Global challenge in London was an incredible experience, allowing me to interact with students from all over the world and leaders in medical education. I hope this event, unique and the first of its kind, inspires medical students from around the world to participate in the future.

Waqqas Patel, Student Ambassador, University of Birmingham, UK

Meet the finalists

They made it through 4 rounds of questions, an intense video round, and all the way to London for the ultimate clinical finale!

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The finale

The Ultimate Clinical Challenge is now complete!

See all the action and find out who came out on top in the ClinicalKey Global Challenge.

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Meet the experts

We’re delighted to introduce you to the highly esteemed experts we worked with to build the ClinicalKey Global Challenge 2019.

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Think you've got what it takes to beat the best of the best?
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India If you're from India, please register for ClinicalKey Students National Challenge 2020 here.