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Elsevier is passionate about healthcare education. In everything we do, our goal is to prepare today's students for successful careers in medicine, nursing, and health professions.

We accomplish this by providing institutions, educators, and students with world-class content and innovative teaching and learning technology. Our education solutions deliver data and analytics for improving student and program outcomes.

We are a trusted partner in improving health care by helping develop the most capable and caring professionals possible.

Who we support

Elsevier supports students, faculty and librarians across the medical and nursing education curriculum.



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World-leading content

For more than 135 years, Elsevier has specialized in health science content across the entire curriculum, ensuring students have access to reliable and relevant information.

As the premier health science information provider, Elsevier attracts the leading authors and editors in their fields. Our content is shaped for diverse teaching and learning purposes, providing students and educators with a wide range of options for achieving successful outcomes.

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Content delivery

Elsevier offers the world’s most reliable health education content in a wide variety of formats — from print textbooks to mobile-optimized digital learning tools — to meet the diverse needs of today’s students.

Signature solutions


Elsevier’s online education portal where nursing and health professions faculty and students can shop for textbooks, access eproducts, and register for teaching and learning resources.


Simulations immerse nursing and health professions students in realistic patient care scenarios where they can gain hands-on clinical experience in a safe, controlled environment.


From admission to graduation, our comprehensive HESI review and testing solution prepares nursing and health professions students for academic, exam, and professional success.


The personalized, fully integrated digital teaching and learning technology built specifically for healthcare education.



The clinical search engine that thinks and works the way you do, making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge.

ClinicalKey Medical Education

ClinicalKey Medical Education

A clinical search engine that thinks and works the way physicians do, making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge.