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Mindfulness for researchers: an approach for a healthier, more productive career
If we want to survive on Earth, it’s time to degrow
Meet Prof. Marina Rodnina, winner of the 2019 Otto Warburg Medal
Can mindfulness-based interventions help women victims of violence?
Elsevier SVP in THE: "Collaboration is the key to open access and open science"
A digital storytelling app for the deaf
ASPIRE Prize finalists use ‘laboratory of nature’ to tackle global challenges
Helping survivors of spousal abuse in Palestine – on their own terms
Q&A with Mark Scott, winner of the Cochin Institute-Elsevier Innovation Prize
The Lancet Editor-in-Chief honored for innovating global health through data science
This researcher is cultivating indigenous bacteria to clean the environment
Winning researchers find unique ways to recycle wastewater and increase crop pollination
Can local rocks grow more crops?
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