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Supporting newly-qualified clinicians through transitions of care

September 8, 2022 | 1 min read

By Tim Morris

A Black woman physician animatedly asks a question in a class of clinicians.

Managing patients’ healthcare transitions safely and effectively is essential.

Managing patients’ healthcare transitions safely and effectively – whether from home to hospital or from one healthcare provider to another – is essential. One of the biggest transitions is when thousands of newly-qualified medical and nursing graduates start at UK hospitals, with this year’s facing a more complex environment than ever before  – and potentially being significantly less well equipped.

The need to ensure they’re supported in this moment of transition and prepared with proper training is vital, especially with the pandemic having affected their education and even their confidence.

Elsevier Health’s recent Clinician of the Future report surveyed nearly 3,000 clinicians worldwide to explore trends and changes impacting the future of healthcare, and gain insights on anticipated challenges and opportunities. How can newly-qualified healthcare professionals be empowered to deliver optimal patient care? And what are the healthcare solutions to help them?

Tim Morris, Vice President, Clinical Solutions, Elsevier Health, reveals some key findings and what needs to be done.