Creating a sustainable model for healthcare

3 June 2020 , 8 PM SGT / 1 PM BST

What you will learn

Drawing from the lesion in Hong Kong healthcare system. In creating a sustainable model for healthcare, we first need to look at what matters in healthcare.

Here are the key pillars in a sustainable healthcare model.

  • Building a standardized and structured electronic patient record that is always accessible by all caregivers
  • Supporting the processes of care through enhancing workflows and targeted clinical effort
  • Improving quality and safety via clinical decision support and monitoring
  • Engaging patients in their own care and looking towards new models of care delivery.
  • Making data actionable in the whole system

The new normal post COVID-19 will focus greatly on bringing in innovation to cope with the changing demands of healthcare, and these are the factors to bear in mind to enable digital success:

  • Sustained focus on what matters in healthcare
  • Engaging clinicians, stakeholders and patients more and aligning their actions with the needs of the organizations and patients
  • Building the healthcare ecosystem to support a variety of things
  • Building digital health capacity, which includes a team of IT experts and clinical informaticists.

Speaker: Dr NT Cheung, CMIO of Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority


NT Cheung is the Head of Information Technology & Health Informatics and Chief Medical Informatics Officer of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA) and also the Consultant for eHealth for the Hong Kong Government. He has taken HA from a virtual “green fields” site to today’s situation where clinical information systems have become ubiquitous and indispensable in the care delivery process. His current work focuses on taking the Hospital Authority’s Clinical Management System (CMS) on a generational leap, working with clinicians, executives and patients to embrace innovative IT and data driven approaches to enable new and enhanced healthcare service delivery models. He also works with the Government and other stakeholders to operate and further develop the territory-wide Electronic Health Record Sharing System and the wider eHealth ecosystem in Hong Kong.

NT is active in the informatics research and education communities, and is a frequent speaker at international conferences. He holds a medical degree from the University of Sydney and a Master’s degree in computing science from Imperial College, London

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