Customer Care and Technical Support

Below are the contact numbers and email for our Clinical Solutions customer support teams by product.

Reference and Decision Support

ProductSupport PhoneOnline Support
ClinicalKey (Institutional) 1-888-615-4500 Click Here
ClinicalKey (Individual) 1-888-615-4500 Click Here
ClinicalKey for Nursing 1-888-615-4500 Click Here
Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey 1-888-615-4500 Click Here
ExpertPath 1-888-615-4500 Click Here
ImmunoQuery 1-888-615-4500 Click Here
PathPrimer 1-888-615-4500   Click Here
RADPrimer 1-888-615-4500 Click Here
STATdx 1-888-615-4500 Click Here

Learning and Competency Management

ProductSupport PhoneOnline Support
Clinical eLearning 1-866-344-2088
Clinical Skills 1-866-344-2088
DirectCourse 1-866-344-2088
Elsevier Performance Manager 1-866-344-2088
Home Health Care 1-866-344-2088
RCC eLearning 1-866-344-2088

Patient Engagement

ProductSupport PhoneOnline Support
Interactive Patient Education 1-800-694-6669
Health Library 1-800-694-6669

Drug Information

ProductSupport PhoneOnline Support
Clinical Pharmacology 1-866-344-2088
Gold Standard Drug Database 1-866-344-2088
Gold Standard Drug Information 1-866-344-2088
ProspectoRx 1-866-344-2088
Rx Price Verify 1-866-344-2088

Clinical Practice

ProductSupport PhoneOnline Support
Care Planning 1-866-580-7519
Order Sets 1-866-344-2088