Customer care and Technical support

Below are the contact numbers and email for our Clinical Solutions customer support teams by product.

Reference and Decision Support

ProductPhone SupportEmail SupportOnline Support
ClinicalKey Australia
ClinicalKey Japan
Call HereEmail HereClick Here
ClinicalKey France Call HereEmail HereClick Here
ClinicalKey EspañolCall HereEmail HereClick Here
ClinicalKey for Nursing
ClinicalKey for Nursing Australia
Call Here Email HereClick Here
Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey Call Here Email HereClick Here
ClinicalKey StudentCall HereEmail HereClick Here
ExpertPath Call Here Email HereClick Here
ImmunoQuery Call Here Email HereClick Here
RADPrimer/PathPrimer Call Here  Email HereClick Here
STATdx Call Here Email HereClick Here

Learning and Competency Management

ProductPhone SupportOnline Support
Clinical eLearning 1-866-344-2088 Click Here
Clinical Skills 1-866-344-2088 Click Here
DirectCourse 1-866-344-2088 Click Here
Elsevier Performance Manager 1-866-344-2088 Click Here
Home Health Care 1-866-344-2088 Click Here
RCC eLearning 1-866-344-2088 Click Here

Patient Engagement

ProductPhone SupportOnline Support
Interactive Patient Education 1-800-694-6669
Health Library 1-800-694-6669

Drug Information

ProductPhone SupportOnline Support
Clinical Pharmacology 1-866-344-2088
Gold Standard Drug Database 1-866-344-2088
Gold Standard Drug Information 1-866-344-2088
ProspectoRx 1-866-344-2088
Rx Price Verify 1-866-344-2088

Clinical Practice

ProductPhone SupportOnline Support
Care Planning 1-866-580-7519
Order Sets 1-866-344-2088