Series: Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes

Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes includes titles focused on specific species or taxa across disciplinary boundaries and spatial scales—from genes to landscapes. Volumes in the series are edited and written by prominent scholars and practitioners to illuminate and advance biodiversity science and conservation. Each volume covers topics appropriate for the genes to landscapes theme, including evolution, behavior, physiology, genetics, ecology, conservation, restoration, sustainability, policy and management, and more.

Book Series: Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation

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Volume . Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation

Published: 28th November 2017 Series Editor: Philip Nyhus Series Volume Editors: Laurie Marker Lorraine Boast Anne Schmidt-Kuentzel

Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation reports on the science and conservation of the cheetah. This volume demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of research and conservation efforts to study and protect the cheetah.

The book begins with chapters on the evolution, genetics, physiology, ecology and behavior of the species, as well as distribution reports from range countries. These introductory chapters lead into discussions of the challenges facing cheetah survival, including habitat loss, declining prey base, human-wildlife conflict, illegal trade, and newly-emerging threats, notably climate change. This book also focuses on conservation strategies and solutions, including environmental education and alternative livelihoods. Chapters on the role of captive cheetahs to conservation and the long-term research of the species are included, as are a brief discussion of the methods and analyses used to study the cheetah. The book concludes with the conservation status and future outlook of the species.

Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation is a valuable resource for the regional and global communities of cheetah conservationists, researchers, and academics. Although cheetah focussed the book provides information relevant to the study of broader topics such as wildlife conservation, captive breeding, habitat management, conservation biology and animal behaviour.

 Cover photograph by Angela Scott

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Published: 24th June 2016 Series Editor: Philip Nyhus Series Volume Editors: Tom McCarthy David Mallon