Promote your article with Share Links

By sharing your article, you can make a bigger  impact with your new publication. Now that your article is published, you can use your Share Link to share your research with friends, family, colleagues, and your wider network. There are many benefits to doing so:

  • Sharing the link via social media accounts and email helps you generate interest in your article.
  • Sharing your article makes it more visible, potentially increasing downloads and citations.

What are Share Links?

The majority of Elsevier journals offer Share Links. A Share Link is a customized link which authors receive for their newly-published article on ScienceDirect. The link provides 50 days’ free access to their article – after that, the usual access rules apply. Anyone clicking on the Share Link within the 50-day period will be taken directly to the article with no sign up or registration required. Share Links are ideal for sharing articles via email and social media.

How it works

  • You can find out from the guide for authors if the journal of your choice offers Share Links. You will automatically receive the Share Link at the final citable publication stage of your article via email.
  • If several authors are listed, the named corresponding author will receive the Share Link, which can then be shared with co-authors.
  • If co-author information is provided at the time of submission, they will also automatically receive a notification with the article's Share Link.
  • After 50 days the Share Link will still work but automatically revert to a link to your full text article.

Did you publish your article open access? You will still receive a notification when your article is available online with your article's DOI link. This link will provide immediate and permanent access and can be shared via a number of channels, including email and social media.

You can track the progress of your article in the publication system with our online tracking system.

Sharing your article with Share Links

Share links can be shared with anyone through any communications channel potentially bringing your article to an audience of millions. For instance:

  • Share Links can be shared via email.
  • You can post the Share Link on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • You can post the Share Link on your personal website and academic networking sites such as Mendeley.
  • Include your Share Link in press releases or share it with the media for coverage on your research findings.
  • Share Links are tracked by Altmetrics and usage of your article is reported in Mendeley Stats! Mendeley Stats offers publication statistics to published authors. If you have authored an article and this is recognised in Scopus, Mendeley can provide you with these statistics.

Find out more about sharing and promoting your article here.

The impact of Share Links at a glance

Researchers are actively using Share Links to promote their work:

  • Over a million articles received a Share Link since January 2015
  • On average, there are five clicks per Share Link
  • Since September 2017, co-authors also receive a Share Link, tripling the number of Share Links issued per article
  • Social media is the preferred platform for readers, with over half of readers clicking on a Share Link on a social network
  • Facebook is by far the most popular, with more than 80% of all social media referrals coming from the site
  • The most popular Share Link of 2017 was Tooth damage in captive orcas (Orcinus orca) viewed over 20,000 times

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