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Author instructions - article type Sustainability Solutions

Elsevier is introducing the exciting new article type “Sustainability Solutions” in a selected number of environmental sciences journals.

About article type ‘Sustainability Solutions’

The challenges of achieving sustainable development demand innovative solutions. In response, Elsevier introduces a new, concise article type called "Sustainability Solutions" in its journals. This article type aims to highlight practical solutions that can address sustainability challenges and promote sustainable practices. By featuring research that presents novel approaches to sustainability, this article type seeks to foster science-driven decision-making processes that can facilitate the transition to a sustainable future. Additionally, by promoting the transfer of knowledge from academia to practitioners, Sustainability Solutions articles can help bridge the gap between theory and practice, and thus contribute to the development of effective sustainability solutions.


Authors that are interested in submitting a Sustainability Solutions article should submit the full article to the following website: in new tab/window

During submission authors can indicate their journal(s) of interest.

Once the paper has been submitted, the Commissioning Editors will evaluate the submissions for suitability and will suggest assignment of appropriate articles to one or more relevant journals from the below list of participating journals.

Next, the authors will need to decide on one of the suggested journals, where the paper will be evaluated further. If the author(s) decide to agree with the offer of assignment to one of the suggested journals, then the article will be automatically transferred to the receiving journal. Authors need to select article type Sustainability Solutions. Upon completion of the transfer, the paper will be handled by one of the regular journal Editors.

Article structure

Besides standard sections, each article should contain the following special sections:

Abstract: must include a summary of your ‘Recommendations’ section as list of bullet points at the end.

Recommendations: This section, placed towards the end of your article, should contain specific recommendations to tackle the outlined issues, overcome the discussed challenges and provide guidance for practical actions, policies, and further research. The aim of this special section is to provide non-experts, practitioners, policy and decision-makers with a clear picture of the societal significance and impact (positive or negative) of the research discussed within the article. It can also contain ideas for potential interdisciplinary pathways to enhance the relevance of the discussed research.

For inquiries about the Sustainability Solutions article type, please contact Dr. Michael Bank at [email protected]opens in new tab/window or Dr. Christian Sonne at [email protected]opens in new tab/window.