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Financial planning Research Networks - SSRN | Elsevier

Financial Planning Research Network

The SSRN Financial Planning Research Network (FinPlanRN) provides readers, researchers, and research leaders a platform to share early stage ideas, working papers, and knowledge in the areas of 401K planning, business consulting, compliance, corporate bonds, exchange traded funds, financial planning, hedge funds, individual bonds, individual stocks, insurance, investment advisory, money markets, mortgage backed securities, municipal bonds, mutual funds, public limited partnerships, real estate, investment, retirement, tax planning, treasury bonds, trusts, variable and fixed annuities, and many more topics.

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Language enables us to express our thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others and also to understand theirs. Linguistics is the scientific study of this rich and varied human ability. There are of course many ways to communicate and express ourselves. Understanding cultures, cognitive science, connecting computer programmers to reshape how we interact with technology…solving real-world problems in language education.

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Uh_Nursing | Elsevier


Establishing early-stage research in the nursing discipline creates the right balance to achieve qualitative and quantitative actions. The interdisciplinary nursing research levels include care, management, education, interprofessional, quality and safety, patient social context, and legal aspects. Learn More.

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The Geography Research Network is a myriad of studies of the physical features of the earth and atmosphere. It's a vast research source rich in content of how species relate to the environmental evolutions. Join the conversations and start sharing your early-stage research ideas today.

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GeographyRN - SSRN | Elsevier

Communication Studies Research Network - SSRN | Elsevier

SSRN communication studies research network

Just like the core of SSRN, communication studies (CommRN), is interdisciplinary in nature. A dedicated research community, the diverse disciplines within the communication studies classification include law, politics, public affairs, marketing advertising, public relations, leadership, consulting, and many more.

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SSRN architecture research network

Making connections in scholarly research is what SSRN is all about. Check out ArchRN, the SSRN architecture research network. Start making history by sharing your early-stage research, continuing to make valuable connections, and freely engage your colleagues to collaborate helping to support creating new research, faster.

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SSRN architecture research network

Earth Science Research Network

EarthSciRN is SSRN's collaboration of interdisciplinary related sciences available for scientists to collect feedback, introduce new ideas, and formulate discoveries before peer-reviewed publication. Post preprints and working papers about geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology, climatology, biogeography, oceanography, sedimentology, and many more sub categories.

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Space & Planetary Science

PlanetSciRN: Incorporating a vast amount of research, the space and planetary science research network is a wealthy information source for early-stage researchers ready to share, post preprints, and working papers about the solar systems, planet evolution, magnetospheres, ionolspheres, natural satellites, solar wind, and more interdisciplinary disciplines.

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Biochemistry Research Network

SSRN announces BiochemRN, SSRN’s new Biochemistry Research Network (see more...)

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Where researchers in biochemistry science and related fields can share ideas and other early stage research. Users can post preprints and working papers and can quickly upload and read BiochemRN papers, spanning interdisciplinary biochemistry science related content, including biocatalysis, biogeochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, biophysical chemistry, carbohydrates, chemical modification, cytokines, DNA, enzyme mechanisms, and many more granular topics.

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The FoodSciRN Research Network

FoodSciRN makes its debut on SSRN! Start sharing your early stage research and real world ideas on this new research network. Browse, download, and subscribe to interdisciplinary subjects pursuant to your research and cite your colleagues and peers. Learn from hundreds of granular subjects including: agricultural food science, food chemistry, food engineering, food groups, food laws, policy & regulation, food microbiology, food processing, food product, food quality, safety & defense, food science education, food sustainability & security, functional food, and more.

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Materials Science Research Network (MatSciRN)

A new physical sciences research network experience is now available with the addition of the Materials Science Research Network (MatSciRN). Check out the biomaterials, computational materials, corrosion, electronic, optical and magnetic materials, energy, performance, processing and manufacturing, mechanical properties, nanomaterials, structural materials, and many other levels of study.

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Introducing the Ecology Research Network

Introducing the Ecology Research Network - SSRN | Elsevier

SSRN is pleased to announce EcoRN SSRN's new Ecology Research Network, where researchers in ecology and related fields can share ideas and other early stage research. Users can post preprints and working papers and can quickly upload and read EcoRN papers, spanning interdisciplinary ecology related content, including bioecology, bionomics, environmental biology, and many more granular topics.

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