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We combine the value and experience SSRN provides with Elsevier’s technology and investment, to support biologists and the role preprints play in research and early discovery.

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Webinar: Accelerating Interdisciplinary Research - Introducing BioRN @ SSRN

Gregg Gordon’s Webcast Accelerating Interdisciplinary Research

Jun 21 2017

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Collaborate. Post your work. Get discovered.

BioRN, an SSRN network, is a newly formed collaborative online scholarly community created for life science researchers to post preprints, share ideas, and ultimately get noticed for early discoveries.

SSRN’s global reach provides the tools to disseminate original ideas through our online repository allowing your research to reach and collaborate with a broad network of over 2 million of the best and the brightest; even Nobel Prize Winners! BioRN – your network to share early discoveries, get credit for your ideas, and encourage constructive feedback from peers and colleagues.

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Over 4,000 biology related working papers available now on BioRN.

The interdisciplinary nature of social and life sciences working together to achieve incredible discoveries to change the world is already reflected with the over 4,000 (and growing) biology related working papers available now on BioRN.

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How do I submit my working paper on BioRN?

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    1. Select BioRN as the classification for your working paper content

SSRN Managing Director, Gregg Gordon, explains the value of BioRN to researchers.