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Pathway Studio comes in two configurations.

Pathway Studio Web can be accessed from all modern browsers. Maintained and operated by Elsevier from a centralized server, the system is always available and provides high-performance.

Pathway Studio Enterprise is available as a cloud application or as installed software on your infrastructure. It comes with Elsevier proprietary text-mining technology powerful application programming interfaces (API) for the integration of Pathway Studio into an existing research infrastructure. This allows companies to better leverage their legacy data and information.

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Pathway Studio is offered on an annual subscription basis on a named-user basis, providing you with a username and password that will work anywhere. Alternatively, we offer corporate- or campus-wide Access licenses on a yearly subscription basis that includes user authentication via IP-recognition and has no seat-based delays or budgetary concerns about task-based searches.

Yes. Over 28 million sentences are integrated to support the facts contained in Pathway Studio so that users can check the underlying context of the facts and links to the articles and publications of origin.

The experimental data types supported by Pathway Studio analytical features include:

  • Gene expression
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • RNA sequencing (RNA-seq)
  • DNA variants (Web only)
  • Methylation
  • Phosphorylation
  • Genome-wide association studies

Note that Pathway Studio analytical features support virtually any data that can be expressed in the format of a tab-delimited file with an identifier for the gene, protein, small molecule, disease, etc. together with numerical values.

Pathway Studio Enterprise enables the simultaneous analysis of multiple data types.

Security is one of our biggest concerns. Pathway Studio Web is accessible using a HTTPS protocol. This requires port 443 to be open in a company's firewall. Since this is a standard setting, users should have clear access to Pathway Studio Web from within their company environment.

Pathway Studio Enterprise is natively installed behind your company's firewall, which eliminates access issues.

Yes, Pathway Studio Enterprise supports this workflow.

Please Contact Sales for more information.

Yes. Both Pathway Studio Web and Pathway Studio Enterprise support login accounts for saving imported experiments, analytical results, and pathways.

For Pathway Studio Enterprise, your company's application administrator can create user accounts for access. Alternatively, Pathway Studio Enterprise can be integrated with your company's authentication system such as LDAP or ActiveDirectory.

With Pathway Studio Web, users with CWA access (IP authentication) can use the system in anonymous mode without saving results, or self-register for a login account so that results can be saved.

Fact Sheets

Pathway Studio can help you analyze your experimental data to understand the biological processes critical to your work.

Download the new CellEffect Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Download the fact sheet (PDF, 922.8 KB)

Download the fact sheet (Spanish) (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Download the fact sheet (Portuguese) (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Download the fact sheet (Russian) (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Download the fact sheet (Korean) (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Download the ChemEffect fact sheet (PDF, 370.2 KB): Connect the actions of drugs and toxins on cell processes, pathways and disease.

Download the DiseaseFX fact sheet (PDF, 419.5 KB): Integrate molecular facts from clinical research to reveal a basis for the detection and mechanism of disease and therapy.

Download the web security fact sheet (PDF, 967.1 KB): Pathway Studio Web is a comprehensive collection of information with powerful security features to ensure that your research is safe and secure.

Download the Pathway Studio Plant fact sheet (PDF, 342.8 KB): Pathway Studio Plant helps plant biologists address complex crop research challenges by integrating Arabidopsis, Maize and Rice molecular relationship knowledgebase with powerful analytical and visualization tools.

Technical Specs

There are different system requirements for Pathway Studio depending on the installation platform. The minimum and recommended technical specifications can be found for each platform at the links below:

Pathway Studio web

IE 9.0 and higher, Chrome or Firefox (last 3-4 years)

Pathway Studio Desktop

Please see this document for the Pathway Studio Desktop system requirements (PDF, 18.8 KB).

For installation information about Pathway Studio Enterprise, please contact your sales representative, since these specifications are variable and dependent on the number of anticipated concurrent users.

Support Log In

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Find Relevant Biomarkers

Learn how Pathway Studio supports the drug discovery process by helping you identify new biomarkers.

What's in a Relationship?

Pathway Studio helps you unravel the hidden biology in data and literature. With our extensive knowledgebase of biological relationships you save time and find convincing support for your decisions.

Defined Connections

Pathway Studio Plant's knowledgebase is based on proprietary Elsevier technology that finds and extracts facts within reference materials, and converts those facts into structured relationship evidence.

Pathway Studio Mammalian
Pathway Studio - Overview
Pathway Studio Plant


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