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Working through massive amounts of material is easy with Osmosis

Osmosis is a powerful visual learning platform that makes complex medical topics easy to understand through expertly illustrated visuals based on evidence-based learning science.

Each part of the Osmosis platform makes healthcare simple

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  • Get through more material faster: Omosis has a library of expertly reviewed videos that condence a 1-hour lecture into just 10 minutes.
  • Maximize your learning potential: Osmosis’s top-rated mobile app makes studying instantly accessible, anytime, anywhere.
  • Goodbye knowledge gaps: Powered spaced repetition, thousands of assessment items help lock in key info for good.
  • Truly understand complex topics: Osmosis workspaces make collaborating with peers seamless.
  • Avoid information overload: Osmosis’s high-yield notes are quick, done-for-you summaries that help make your coursework more manageable.
  • Stop exam stress: Osmosis’s thousands of self-assessment questions with detailed answer explanations help you tie it all together.

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Transform your marks into grade-A achievements with Osmosis’s unique study tools

Effortless Learning, Organizing, Assessing, and Collaborating are the keys to high performance. Students and educators who use Osmosis tell us they see higher grades and lower stress.

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Here’s why 3.2+ million learners and educators love Osmosis

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"Osmosis is fantastic because of the growing pace of the library. They’re so agile and responsive to emerging things. It’s not just the quality of the education materials, but the digital footprint students leave. That helps with analytics to have a much deeper insight into each students’ progress, excellence, achievement of mastery."

Marc Triola

Associate Dean for Educational Informatics, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

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