Mendeley allows RESEARCHERS to:

Conduct initial research

  • Search for research
  • Organize research
  • Read and collect thought

Write a paper, review or grant proposal

  • Compile a bibliography
  • Organize references
  • Cite and write

Submit a dissertation for review

  • Create a private group
  • Invite advisors and reviewers
  • Track and respond to commentary

Collaborate in project teams or lab groups

  • Create a private group
  • Add research and draft papers
  • Annotate/ write papers together

Identify collaboration partners

  • Build your researcher profile
  • Search the people directory
  • Join/ follow interesting people and groups

Create awareness

  • Create a public group
  • Add content and stir debate
  • Promote it: Mendeley and beyond

Promote yourself and your research

  • Build your researcher profile
  • Embed your profile elsewhere
  • Track your readership

Mendeley also provides LECTURERS with a chance to manage their  curriculums:

  • Create an (invite-only) public group
  • Add course materials
  • Communicate with your class

With its advanced analytics and collaboration features, the Mendeley Institutional Edition also supports LIBRARIANS:

  • Get real time usage information
  • Track the reach of your institution’s research
  • Facilitate social connections

Learn more about the Mendeley Institutional Edition

Mendeley Certification Program for Librarians

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