Mendeley Certification Program for Librarians

Become a Certified Mendeley Librarian and secure a Mendeley Premium Upgrade for up to 500 users– at no cost to your institution.

Mendeley, used by more than six and a half million researchers worldwide, is a free reference manager and academic social network that helps researchers to organize their research, share and discover papers and collaborate with others.

The Mendeley Certification Program for Librarians is a free self-study program that can help you:

  • Learn as much as possible about Mendeley so you can confidently train others;
  • Plan a successful rollout of Mendeley at your institution;
  • Be recognized for your efforts by becoming certified & receiving valuable benefits (see below for details)

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"This has been a great program that allowed me to learn new skills on Mendeley while also giving me the confidence I needed to start promoting Mendeley at my Institution." 2016 Alumni Librarian

IN A NUTSHELL, the certification program is:

  • An opportunity to deep-dive into Mendeley while following a structured, self-paced, self-study program that will take you approximately 10-15 hours to complete over a 3-month period*;
  • Divided into three levels, each level offers a valuable benefit for your library and user community (see chart below)




Approx. Time Requirement


Learn Mendeley

Join "Certified Librarians" Mendeley group with premium-access upgrade

2-6 hours


Apply Mendeley

Box of Mendeley materials to help spice up your training sessions***

4-8 hours


Promote Mendeley

1 year Mendeley upgrade for up to 500 users****

Eligible for significant discount on Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE)

2-6 hours

*Librarians may enrol in the winter/spring, summer or fall program; further details provided at registration.

**Rewards are offered to librarians at academic and government institutions who are not yet subscribed to Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE); corporations are not eligible for program rewards but corporate librarians may still participate in the program for personal and professional development.

***Limited to two Level 3 rewards per institution

****Limited to one Level 3 reward per institution. The upgrade link is valid for 12 months with option to extend for three additional months following completion of “Refresher Program”; Includes 5 GB of personal storage, 20 GB of group/team storage and unlimited private/invite-only groups with up to 25 members in each. Upgraded users will continue to enjoy benefits for as long as their Mendeley account remains associated with their institute.

"The program helped me to improve my Mendeley skills and to gain valuable premium accounts for our users. We have a number of researchers who work in geographically distant locations, so the collaborative features of Mendeley and its web interface should suit them well." 2016 Alumni Librarian

What we provide:

  • All the learning materials you need to complete your certification program (includes technical/functional product information, user adoption strategies and planning, teaching guidance and information about other common library sciences topics);
  • Regular contact via email to assist you with any questions or concerns as you proceed through the program;

Benefits along the way - upon successful completion of each of the 3 levels

"Thank you for offering this program. It's great. I enjoyed going through it and look forward to more interaction and communication with the Mendeley team." 2016 Alumni Librarian

Questions? Please contact us at certificationprogram@mendeley.com.

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