Mendeley Institutional Edition

Mendeley Institutional Edition is an institutional version of Mendeley with premium user features and additional institutional support. Enhanced and expanded, it is a product based on our core Mendeley capabilities and includes the additional following features and competency for researchers and librarians:

  • Premium upgrades to empower all of your researchers with more productivity and collaboration power.
  • Analytics dashboard to enable librarians to better administer and support their institutional information objectives and the researchers needs.
  • Alumni Policy to grant to the Alumni from a subscribing institution the right to access of 12 months of the same premium access according to the terms and conditions of that Policy.
  • Customized training session for their institution.
  • Supports the librarians and users with 24x5 global on-line support services. In addition, they can have access to the on-line resource center for all the training tools.
  • Deployment program to support MIE roll-out in their institution.

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Mendeley Institutional Edition Features

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Compare Free Mendeley to Mendeley Institutional Edition:


Basic Individual Free

Mendeley Institutional Edition

Personal library space

2 GB

5 GB

Shared library space

100 MB

20 GB

Private group size (collaborators)


Up to 25

# of private groups



Mendeley Suggest Tool



Institutional Home Page



Analytics Dashboard



Customer Support Services

Via on-line only

  • Elsevier OSCS
  • Priority on-line support


Via on-line resource center only

  • One customized train-the-trainer session

  • Access to on-line resource center

Deployment Program Services



Alumni Policy



Mendeley Institutional Edition Premium Upgrades

With Mendeley Institutional Edition you empower your researchers with more productivity and collaboration options.

  • More storage space will allow your users to save and organize even more full text articles in their personal library and have more space available online for backups in the cloud and cross-platform synchronization.
  • Extended team plans will allow your users to set up more private working groups and to collaborate with more colleagues and partners anywhere around the world.
  • Mendeley Suggest allows your users to add valuable content to their private library and to save time on their day-to-day tasks and increase their productivity.
  • Institutional Home Page will allow your institution to increase visibility of the research profiles of their members and publications. It will allow the institution to track research production and readership information as well.

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Mendeley Institutional Edition Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard built on top of Mendeley helps librarians to understand the research and publication activity of your community, gain an understanding of publication impact (based on Mendeley readership), and to facilitate collaboration within your institution and beyond. You can easily see which library holdings are most important to your researchers 'work and which publications they rely on to publish their best findings.

  • Helps a librarian to understand research and publication behaviour at an institutional level and to better inform library procurement strategies.
  • Tracks trends in research consumption and research production within your institution via a data dashboard, based on Mendeley readership information.
  • Connects your institutions library and its collections directly to researchers at your institution.

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Mendeley Institutional Edition Institutional Services

With Mendeley Institutional Edition, you get institutional version of the product as well as the institutional services and support you have come to expect with a combined Mendeley + Elsevier organization.

  • Helps the librarian team to create and execute a deployment and on-going rollout program to ensure Mendeley access and benefits are available to all students, faculty, and researchers. This includes support on roll-out strategy, migration support, and usage analysis support.
  • Understands the importance of your alumni thus we have an extended grace period of 12 months to allow your newly graduating/ departing users to determine how to set up their Mendeley accounts.
  • Provides a customized train-the-trainer session for the institution to be delivered via on-line or in person. In addition, the instiutionn can have access to on-line resource center for all the training tools.
  • Offers enhanced customer support through the online Mendeley Help Desk Team  and through the Institutional OSCS Support Services (24x5 global on-line support services).

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