Mendeley Data resources for librarians

Welcome to the Librarian Toolkit for promoting Mendeley Data and general Research Data Management (RDM) practices to your library users, especially researchers.

This toolkit was designed to save you time in promoting trainings and awareness of RDM and Mendeley Data within your institution.

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What’s in the toolkit?

Outreach materials, training assets and promotional pieces to help you:

Build greater awareness of Mendeley Data | Elsevier

Build greater awareness of Mendeley Data and how it can help users meet their research data management needs

Educate users of Mendeley Data | Elsevier

Educate users of Mendeley Data’s continually improving features, where to find them, and how to use them

Deliver maximum value to your institution | Elsevier

Deliver maximum value to your institution

Content to help raise awareness

User training and support

  • Poster template: to print, email or share digitally to encourage training attendance
  • RDM with Mendeley Data: this deck can be used to help explain the value of RDM and Mendeley Data
  • Social media posts: to promote training attendance
  • Testimonials: from current Mendeley Data users and members of Elsevier’s Research Data Management advisory board

All of this content can be freely used and tailored as needed. If you have ideas for additional content, please send your ideas to

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