Mendeley Data Roadmap

See what we have planned for Mendeley Data over the coming months.

Mendeley Data does not sit still. We continually invest in improving our cloud-based platform to fully support researchers, librarians and research administrators with integrated tools to manage the entire lifecycle of research data.

We want to keep you informed of all the exciting and innovative features and functions which we are in the process of developing. Later in the year we will also launch Mendeley Data Monitor, a new module that helps librarians improve the adoption of data sharing, and thus better comply with new mandates and funder regulations.

*As with all roadmaps it is an outline of future plans, and thus features and timings may change. Some of the new functionalities and benefits outlined below are only available as part of the institutional subscription.

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2019 Roadmap

We will be updating the platform, as well as making changes and upgrades to existing functionality.

For the latest developments, and an overview of the plans for the year see our jam-packed roadmap.

Q3 2019

Mendeley Data Repository

  • For Institutions: further enhancements to the data curation process, which enables data curators and project leads to maintain dataset quality, by reviewing datasets prior to publication, and either approving or returning to author with feedback
  • For Institutions: further enhancements to the ability to hold their data files (not dataset metadata) on their AWS S3 storage, for draft and public datasets*
  • For Researchers: Improved look and feel for the public dataset and file view pages, and shorter loading time


Mendeley Data Search

  • Continually increasing the 30+ repositories and 10 million datasets held in our search engine to make it easier and faster to find relevant data

Mendeley Data Notebook (Hivebench)

  • A new electronic lab notebook that will replace Hivebench over time. This new notebook will be inspired by Hivebench, in terms of capabilities and ease of use, while at the same time enhancing the ability to collect structured data and support researchers to document experiment and share them with their team

Mendeley Data Manager

  • Manage active research data files in one place so it becomes effortless to share and publish
  • Export datasets to third party data repositories, so you can publish on your preferred repository
  • Configure projects to suit your research data collaboration and curation workflow.
  • Explore your project activity stream so you can easily see who did what and when.
  • Extended data search capabilities, including deep indexing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of file contents, to make data and experiments easy to find

Mendeley Data Repository

  • Enhanced pre-publication curation including dataset reviews, checks and edits to help provide high quality data outputs.
  • Publish datasets automatically via Git integration to enable efficient code publishing.
  • Plum Analytics to track dataset social media and news mentions and find the most talked-about datasets

Mendeley Data Monitor

This new module aims to help university libraries and research offices gather, organize and curate information about publications and research data.

Key benefits:

  • Automatically tracks datasets, provided the repository can be tracked
  • Reach out to researchers through automated e-mails to encourage research data sharing
  • Accumulate information about various data points including; descriptions, file formats and ownership of research datasets
  • Link article bibliographic information in Scopus to relevant datasets to facilitate data discoverability, re-use and citations