Mendeley Data’s Mary Allen Wilkes release

Easily upload data from multiple sources in Data Manager and create customizable inventories with Data Notebook

As part of Mendeley Data’s Mary Allen Wilkes release, we have updates to Data Manager and Data Notebook (Hivebench).


Data Manager

To help you organize and enhance the data you generate, we have released two new updates for Mendeley Data Manager.

For researchers: easily share data, no matter where it was generated

No matter where your data files were generated, you can now easily upload them to your Mendeley Data Manager project via Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Azure, so that all project members can view and download real-time files, and copy them into datasets.

thumbnail of Mendeley 'Select-a-data-source' lightbox | Elsevier

For researchers: increase collaboration via dataset co-editing

We want to make team collaboration easier. From now on, when you share a dataset with multiple project members – new or existing – everyone will have full editing rights, whilst the owner remains the person to publish.

thumbnail of Mendeley shared and published data sources | Elsevier

Data Notebook (Hivebench)

We have released two new updates for Data Notebook (Hivebench) to help researchers find relevant data and create customizable inventories. For Institutions we have an update that will give confidence that their data is kept private and protected via restricted employee access.

For Researchers: search within files to find relevant data

Now your important results are added as files within your experiments. This means that you can search directly within spreadsheets, PDFs and text files to find relevant data easily.

screenshot of Hivebench search results

For Researchers: prepare a customisable inventory

Your reagents have specific piece of information, such as sequences or cell specifications. To reflect this we have now added customisable fields for each reagent within your inventories.

screenshot of Hivebench lightbox - Note

For institution: restrict employee access

The new authentication system for private installation of Hivebench now allows you to restrict employee access so that you can be confident that your data is kept private and protected.

screenshot of Hivebench Sign In page


We hope that you enjoy these new features and we would welcome any feedback you have at