Mendeley Data Emmanuelle Charpentier release

As part of the June 2019 Emmanuelle Charpentier release, we have updates to Data Repository, Data Manager and Data Notebook (Hivebench).

Data Repository

For researchers: label datasets with custom metadata

Describe datasets with custom metadata, so your data becomes easier to discover, interpret and reuse.

Institutional Metadata - Emmanuelle Charpentier release - Mendeley | Elsevier

Data Manager

For researchers: integration with institutional WebDAV storage

In the Mary-Aleen Wilkes release, we added the ability to upload files to a project via Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Azure. Now we have added integration with institutional WebDav storage, giving institutions the ability to leverage existing local storages, while still enabling researchers to share data with all project members to view and download in real-time.

Select a data source - Emmanuelle Charpentier release - Mendeley | Elsevier

Data Notebook (Hivebench)

For researchers: sharing protocols within a group

Share protocols within a group (for example colleagues, teammates, students), so that the entire group can access them and add new versions. Note: this group feature will soon be released to our institutional customers.

Sharing protocols within a group - Mendeley Data Emmanuelle Charpentier release | Elsevier

For administrators: new API (Application Programming Interface) abilities

We give Administrators access to the Hivebench API (Application Programming Interface), so that they can use it to push or pull data from the lab, machines, or even apps that they develop. This allows teams to accelerate the documentation of experiments in Hivebench, but also to use the data stored in Hivebench in new ways. This is available for institutional customers on a private instance.

New API abilities - Mendeley Data Emmanuelle Charpentier release | Elsevier

The Mendeley Data Roadmap

View the future development of Mendeley Data

We're also always looking for ways to improve the way we meet your research data management needs. To help with this, we would really appreciate if you could take five minutes to provide feedback on your experience working with Mendeley Data.


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