Mendeley Data Adele Goldberg release

As part of the June 2020 Adele Goldberg release, we have updates to Mendeley Data Monitor and Mendeley Data Repository.

Mendeley Data Monitor

For institutions

  • Improved integration to enhance the visibility of all your research data
  • We have improved our integration with DataCite, to ensure the Mendeley Data Monitor corpus stays up to date with DataCite on a daily basis. And of course, we continue enriching our entire corpus – including datasets from DataCite repositories – with author and institutional affiliation. In turn, this enables libraries and the research offices to find even more datasets affiliated to their institution.

  • Access enriched content to aid benchmarking
  • Users now have access to enriched content via Mendeley Data advanced search capabilities. This improvement can help when performing comparisons of institutional research data output with peers.

    Mendeley Data Research

  • New filtering options to help track compliance
  • We are introducing a number on dataset filters to enable librarians and the research officers to select datasets that adhere to specific criteria (e.g. publication date, repository name). In turn this information can be used to prepare reporting information to track compliance with institutional RDM policy and funder mandates.

    Data Monitor filtering

Mendeley Data Repository

For institutions

  • Access dataset editing audit trail
  • Institutional admins can now see a complete audit trail, in order to better trace the history of data activity. Admins can see who has edited a dataset and when and can filter the information by author, dataset, date range and more.

    Mendeley Data Repository - Editing audit

  • Create Featured Collections to better showcase data output
  • Institutional admins can create collections of datasets, to present datasets on a specific department, research theme or topic. Now these collections can be featured at the top of their homepage to help researchers better navigate through research data output to find the most relevant data to support their research.

    Featured Collections

For researchers

  • Export citations to reference manager software
  • Users can now export the citation for any dataset listed in Mendeley Data Search results into several different formats - APA, BibTeX, RIS, DataCite - so that they can manage the citation in their preferred reference management software.

    Exporting citations

The Mendeley Data Roadmap

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