Mendeley data also supports researcher’s data management needs

Researchers do not need to be convinced of the importance of their research data – they understand this better than anyone – but some might not be fully aware of the potential benefits of sharing research data with the wider community.

  • Increased research exposure and impact – Early exposure of data heightens the visibility and impact of research, which influences getting credit for published works, driving citations and prestige.
  • Faster dissemination of research – Access to research data helps speed up the dissemination of research, driving additional visibility of – and discussion around –results.
  • Improved research integrity and accountability – data sharing also enhances the integrity of research, providing a public validation of research results.
  • Increased collaboration – Shared data is an important aspect of collaboration, as researchers seek to understand how results are obtained, and exchange views on analysis and interpretation.
  • Enhanced project management – Implementing data management practices help researchers work more efficiently, track progress more easily, and mitigate against the risk of lost or corrupted data.

How we deliver

As both a publisher and a digital solutions provider, Elsevier embeds research data in the workflow and makes it accessible, discoverable and reusable. Elsevier also applies metrics that enable both researchers and institutions to gauge progress toward compliance and performance goals. Through our publishing processes, we work with researchers to provide a strong practical example of how data exposure along with published papers can augment the quality, transparency and impact of their research.

Research Elements

A collection of peer reviewed open access journals that make data, software, materials and methods available for discovery, reuse and citation.


  • Uses peer review to increase the credibility of key research outputs normally excluded from   traditional journals, making them more controllable and replicable.
  • Facilitates the discoverability of data, software, materials and methods, promoting their visibility to peers, funders and faculty review panels.
  • Fosters collaboration opportunities.
  • Facilitates the transparency and reproducibility through the entire research cycle.

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Data Linking

Connects datasets in repositories with research articles on ScienceDirect.


  • Promotes discovery and  open accessibility of research data
  • Provides bidirectional links between any data repository and online articles on ScienceDirect
  • Provides one-click access to relevant, trusted data that validates research or drives further investigations

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DataSearch (beta)

Search for different data types and formats across a multitude of domain-specific and cross-domain repositories.


  • Provides single access portal for data discovery across repositories and data sources
  • Makes data from heterogeneous repositories and fields ‘Findable’, as endorsed by FAIR
  • Provides access to a broad pool of data, including figures and tables from journals and repositories
  • Supports quick browsing to evaluate interesting datasets without having to go into detail

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