Mendeley Data: comprehensive research data management for institutions

Data management is about more than just compliance: there are clear benefits to be derived from effective solutions. These include:

  • Improved quantity and quality of research output
    The pace of research increases and the credibility of papers improves when the underlying research data are made available for evaluation.
  • Increased research exposure and impact
    When research data is readily available, article exposure and impact both increase, leading to more views, shares, mentions and citations.
  • Increased collaboration
    Shared data is an excellent starting point for further collaboration, as researchers can more easily see how results were obtained and exchange informed views on analysis and interpretation.
  • Improved compliance
    With a secure and user-friendly platform for data publication and sharing, it’s easier to show the benefits of data sharing and ensure that all researchers help with institutional compliance with funder mandates.

To help universities unlock the full potential of data, the Mendeley Data platform is now designed to fully support researchers, librarians and research administrators with integrated workflow tools for the full data lifecycle. Its five modules integrate with more than 35 repositories and a variety of other data management workflow solutions.

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99% of users rate Mendeley Data’s ability to help them prevent re-work as effective

source: TechValidate survey of 80 users of Elsevier Mendeley Data)

93% of users rate Mendeley Data’s ability to help them share data as effective

source: TechValidate survey of 99 users of Elsevier Mendeley Data)

97% of users rated Mendeley Data’s ability to help them search for data as effective.

source: TechValidate survey of 91 users of Elsevier Mendeley Data

Hear from our users

It’s provided me with a place to publish datasets that otherwise wouldn’t be published. All my data comes from CUREs and aren’t attached to major journal articles or large universities that utilize other paid storage sites.

Joseph Felts, Professor at Davidson County Community College

It is an excellent opportunity to share our data with a wide audience of scientists around the world. It is necessary to make our research more transparent, that increase the chance to publish our research reports in the best journals on the world.

Professor, European Educational Institution

A modular, cloud-based platform

A modular, cloud-based platform

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Effective Research Data Management

Five facts you need to know about Elsevier and RDM

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Data Manager

Go from raw files to published datasets

Data Manager is an active research data collaboration and workflow tool that enables individual researchers and groups to organize, annotate and share data all in one place.

Data Repository for institutions

Store datasets in a secure & trusted repository

Data Repository is the institutional module that enables all researchers within a given institute to post, share, archive, showcase and discover research data.

Data Notebook

Capture data and results in the lab

Data Notebook is a cutting-edge electronic lab notebook (ELN) solution that supports data capture and reproducibility, improves researcher efficiency, and enables one-button reporting to all levels of the organization.

Data Search

Retrieve active data, discover public data

Unlike other search solutions that only index metadata, Data Search deeply indexes data from over 20 repositories, making it easier to accurately find relevant data — and the list of repositories covered is growing.

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Data Monitor

Encourage and monitor compliance inside and outside your institution

Data Monitor consists of publisher-independent workflow tools to help librarians improve adoption of data sharing, and thus better comply with new mandates and funder regulations.

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The Mendeley Data Roadmap

View the future development of Mendeley Data

Evaluation partners

Our partners are helping us evaluate and improve the research data management solutions built on the Mendeley Data platform.

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Evaluation partners

85% of users are likely to recommend Mendeley Data

Source: TechValidate survey of 112 users. Based on respondents who rated their likelihood to recommend as 7 or higher on a scale of 0 to 10

46% of users decided to use Mendeley Data to improve the impact and reuse of research data.

Source: TechValidate survey of 112 users.