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As an institution, your ability to remain competitive in attracting top researchers and improving research outcomes is of great importance.

A cornerstone of future research’s success is having access to today’s data. Is your institution equipped with a strong research data management (RDM) approach?

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Our API connects Mendeley Data with other RDM tools used at your institution. Mendeley Data integrates through open APIs with the global RDM ecosystem, as well as other Elsevier solutions to ensure:

  • Seamless and clear access across your RDM tools
  • Researcher can continue to work in the same way – their workflow is not disrupted and there is no additional administration
  • Institutional data remains private

A modular, cloud-based platform | Eslevier Solutions

Support for FAIR data

When collaborating with our institutional partners to develop Mendeley Data, we followed the FAIR Data Principles.

Resources for librarians

Find our latest resources for librarian.

  • Access our Librarian Resources Toolkit to save you time in promoting Mendeley Data and general Research Data Management (RDM) practices to your library users, especially researchers.
  • Find out about The Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA) free online training program.
  • Listen to our latest webcasts about effective RDM and hear about best practices from institutions implementing RDM across the globe.

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Our users

99% of users rate Mendeley Data’s ability to help them prevent re-work as effective

source: TechValidate survey of 80 users of Elsevier Mendeley Data)

93% of users rate Mendeley Data’s ability to help them share data as effective

source: TechValidate survey of 99 users of Elsevier Mendeley Data)

97% of users rated Mendeley Data’s ability to help them search for data as effective.

source: TechValidate survey of 91 users of Elsevier Mendeley Data

It’s provided me with a place to publish datasets that otherwise wouldn’t be published. All my data comes from CUREs and aren’t attached to major journal articles or large universities that utilize other paid storage sites.

Joseph Felts, Professor at Davidson County Community College

It is an excellent opportunity to share our data with a wide audience of scientists around the world. It is necessary to make our research more transparent, that increase the chance to publish our research reports in the best journals on the world.

Professor, European Educational Institution

Cloud Security Alliance Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) Self-Assessment

As of February 2020, Mendeley Data has completed the Cloud Security Alliance Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) self-assessment to evaluate and document its security controls.

Details of the self-assessment