About the Mendeley Data team

Sharing research data has the potential to make research more reproducible and efficient.

Scientific research is an incredibly complex process. To increase efficiency and ensure success, it’s crucial that researchers are able to handle data in a way that will allow sharing and reuse. Creating a strong data ecosystem that supports these data needs requires collaboration across the community that generates, stores, retrieves and uses data: researchers, librarians, institutions, government offices, funders and publishers. The Mendeley Data team aims to develop tools, processes and standards to enable effective, rigorous and open research data management practices.

Our team of developers, publishers and thought leaders works closely with academic, government and industry partners to develop a range of industry standards that enable institutions and their researchers to unlock the full potential of research data.

Elsevier contributions to the research data community


Co-author FAIR Data principles
Implementation data citations principles






Supporting Brussels open data declaration

Pistoia Alliance

Active member

Research Data Alliance

Active member


Active Member

Research Elements

Market leader in data journals

Effective Research Data Management

Five facts you need to know about Elsevier and RDM

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Elsevier’s Mendeley Data team

Wouter Haak,
VP RDM Solutions

Alberto Zigoni profile image

Alberto Zigoni,
Market Development Director

Elena Zudilova-Seinstra,
Sr. Product Manager

Rachael Delevante profile image | Elsevier

Rachael Delevante,
Solutions Marketing Manager

Karin Hilton profile image | Elsevier

Karin Hilton,
Senior Director, Technology

Lorenzo Feri

Lorenzo Feri,
Product Director

michael jones thumb

Michael Jones,
Sr. Product Manager

Maria Soares e Silva

Marina Soares e Silva,
Product Manager

Advisory board

Our advisory board consists of librarians and research leaders from across the research data management community.

Advisory board members and Elsevier staff in London, November 2017

Kristin P. Bennett,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Peter Doorn, Director,
Data Archiving and Networked Services

David Groenewegen,
Monash University

Peter Maccallum,
Head of IT & Scientific Computing team,
University of Cambridge

Deb Verhoeven,
Chair in Media and Communication,
Deakin University

Amy Neeser profile image | Elsevier

Amy Neeser,
RDM Program Manager,
University of California, Berkeley

Huang Guangbin,
Nanyang Technological University

Rebecca Koskela,
Executive Director,
University of New Mexico

Susana Assunta-Sansone,
Associate Director,
University of Oxford

Qui Guilin profile image | Elsevier

Qui Guilin,
Professor in School of Computer Science and Engineering at Southeast University, China

­ ­

Paola Galimberti,
Institutional Repository Manager,
University of Milan

Evaluation partners

Our partners are helping us evaluate and improve the research data management solutions built on the Mendeley Data platform.

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