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Introducing Mendeley Data

A modular, research data management platform.

Ready access to research data is a cornerstone for success in modern research. All the information underpinning research articles has value to other researchers: raw and processed data, protocols and methods, machine and environment settings, and scripts and algorithms.

Recognition of the value and necessity of data sharing has driven the development of secure and stable online publishing solutions to make this information permanently available for interpretation and reuse.

Mendeley Data is an open, cloud-based platform that helps research institutions to manage the entire lifecycle of research data, and enables researchers to discover, collect and share research data.

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Institutions, manage and showcase research outputs

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Researchers, get credit for your research output

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Discover how Mendeley Data helps to make your research data FAIR

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Effective Research Data Management

Five facts you need to know about Elsevier and RDM

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