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Bring confidence to your patient's home

Elsevier Home Health Care provides access to the information home health care nurses, therapists and other personnel need most, including evidence-based skills and procedures, patient education, drug information and competency management tools to manage performance and help ensure consistent care throughout your organization.

Accessible on any mobile device, Home Health Care provides the latest, authoritative clinical information – anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Elsevier Home Health Care

For home health care nurses, therapists and other personnel:

  • Quickly access drug information, patient education and more
  • View animations, videos and illustrations of procedures
  • Refresh knowledge of skills and procedures
  • Educate and inform patients
  • Complete assigned tasks and training online

For educators and administrators:

  • Train and orient nurses, therapists and other personnel to specific skills and tasks
  • Assess knowledge and provide feedback
  • Customize and upload content
  • Assign and follow discussions
  • Review reports and identify learning gaps

For home health care organizations:

  • Standardize skills and education of existing nurses, clinicians and other personnel
  • Ensure patient safety by utilizing the highest standards of care
  • Document knowledge for compliance and accreditation
  • Streamline training and orientation
  • Reduce risk and practice errors with the latest, evidence-based content

Integrate Elsevier Clinical eLearning with Elsevier Home Health Care

Elsevier Clinical eLearning provides authoritative online education to support clinical practice and the development of nurses and other health professionals. By integrating Elsevier Clinical eLearning courses into Elsevier Home Health Care, organizations enhance care quality, reduce care variability and improve patient outcomes.

Known as the Elsevier Home Health Care Suite, licensing the below home health eLearning courses help address additional challenges associated with orientation, continuing education and competency management.

Mosby's Nursing Aide Curriculum

Course description

Mosby's Orientation to Home Health Care eLearning

Course description

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“Elsevier Home Health Care is an intuitive, flexible platform providing staff and patient education that is up-to-date with current standards of care.”

– Brian Weisenberger, RN, BSN, Director of Clinical Education, ViaQuest Inc.

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Elsevier is proud to be partnering with qliqSOFT - healthcare chatbot and clinical communications innovator.

The Virtual Visit Telehealth platform and Quincy chatbot help providers transform patients into active participants in their healthcare via real-time, engagement.

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