From SciVal Funding to Funding Institutional

Funding Institutional, the successor of SciVal Funding is launched in early November. This solution will offer a superior user experience, a redesigned user interface, and improved speed and responsiveness. The two products will co-exist until the end of the year, when SciVal Funding is scheduled to close.

Our aim is to complete the switch before end of the year to ensure the smoothest possible transition.

How will Funding Institutional be better?

1. Same features, better user experience – To ensure a smooth transition, the initial release of the new solution will include the same functionality as SciVal Funding.

This means you’ll still be able to:

  • Search for active funding opportunities– easy to search, comprehensive, accurate and current funding opportunity content.
  • Search for awarded grants– search and filter enriched awarded grants for funding performance measurement, evaluation or strategic planning.
  • Export the search results as CSV.
  • Mark opportunities as favorite and then receive notifications by email, or in the solution, when these opportunities are updated.
  • Save searches and then receive notifications by email, or in the solution, when new opportunities matching your saved search are available.

2. Opportunities recommender and other new features – In Q1 2018 we’ll include funding opportunities recommendations – personalized suggestions derived from user activity.

Advanced machine learning technology means that the more the users interact with the solution, the more precisely customized will be the suggestions they will receive.
Note that you’ll need to register to use the new solution because personalized features, like the opportunity recommendations, will be based on the details you provide.

3. Developing content breadth and currency – We’ll also be developing the breadth and currency our content coverage and the quality of the underlying data:

  • Extending coverage– the new solution shares SciVal Funding’s strong coverage of US, UK, Australia and European funding. We’ve undertaken a careful review of the world’s funding bodies and are now setting out to systematically address gaps in our coverage, starting with these core regions.
  • Accelerating the flow of funding information – so that funding data becomes available to you as soon as it becomes available.
  • Increasing data quality– we’re working to improve opportunity data, using automated internal reporting to identify potential quality problems and monitoring supplier deliveries on daily basis to detect errors and prevent their recurrence.