New on Funding Institutional: Track and Manage

May 2, 2018

This week we made enhancements to your ability to track and manage active funding opportunities so that you are kept up-to-date with minimal effort. Read on to learn more or log in to try these new features for yourself.

“Favorite” is now “Track” to reflect additional functionality

In addition to making it easy to find and manage relevant opportunities, “Track” allows you to receive email notifications when opportunity content changes or when deadlines are approaching. Email notification alerts are optional and may be customized to fit your workflow.

If you opt-in to receive email notifications, the following email settings may be applied:

  • Updates – Be notified when the following metadata of a tracked opportunity is changed:
    • A mandatory letter of intent or application deadline
    • Funding amount
    • Limited submission
    • Contact information
    • Status: Reflects if the opportunity is still open for application (in this case the opportunity is considered active) or if the call for application closed (in this case the opportunity is considered inactive)
  • Deadline Alerts – Schedule dates to be notified when a tracked opportunity’s mandatory letter of intent or application deadline approaches. Up to three deadline alerts may be set for any given tracked opportunity.

If you choose to opt-out of email notifications, you may still add active opportunities to your favorite list but alerts will be turned off.

You may track active funding opportunities from the search results or from the opportunity details page. Inactive tracked opportunities will remain on your favorite list but will be marked as inactive.

Group Tracked Opportunities

In addition to tracking relevant opportunities to stay current, you can easily manage these opportunities with custom groups in support of your research workflow. The ability to bulk select, export and share relevant opportunities directly from a group is also available, allowing for further analysis or to disseminate among colleagues.

Tracked opportunities may be assigned to one or multiple groups based on your categorization. Ungrouped tracked opportunities will be categorized as “Not Grouped.”

Find all tracked opportunities, regardless of group, under the “All” list.

Previously “Favorite” opportunities are now found on both “All” and “Not Grouped” lists.