The Funding Institutional Roadmap

We continually add new features and functionality to Funding Institutional, many of them as requested by Funding Institutional customers, a testament to our commitment to further streamline the process for seeking the most relevant, winnable grant opportunities and seek intelligence on the funding landscape.

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Roadmap 2020

Throughout 2020, in nearly monthly releases, we will continue to:

  • Build trust in funding, grant award, and funder data
  • Drive efficiencies in finding active, relevant opportunities
  • Engage Funding Institutional users
  • Increase competitiveness

By enhancing or adding new functionality to:

  • The user interface and design
  • Content quality, adding more internal audits of funding opportunity, historical grants and funder data as well as monthly assessments of the top 200 global funders to ensure completeness and timeliness
  • Content coverage, including adding more funders and from more countries, specifically focusing on funders identified in Scopus® funding acknowledgements, funders in Africa and Asia and awards data from 1990 to 2008
  • Funding discovery, improving the search experience, including new functionality improving the workflow for supporting teams
  • Funding insights, augmenting awards data
  • Funding report, adding new capabilities with additional analytics and reporting functionality including the ability to generate custom newsletters

First quarter 2020

  • Apply Scopus Author IDs, down to a single researcher, for increasingly-relevant funding recommendations
  • For Funder search, add filters to narrow funders by type and geographical distribution
  • Add a new feature to sort by the number of opportunities or awards
  • Add awards analytics through a dashboard, providing data such as funder, year, discipline, researcher, institution, country, award amount and publications
  • Integrate with Pure, providing a more seamless way to add timely, relevant opportunities, sourced externally and internally, into Pure

These enhancements provide:

  • New insights into funders’ investment trends, patterns and portfolio
  • Improved search experience, streamline workflow, saving time and effort
  • Increased engagement

Second quarter 2020

  • Add content-based recommendations (ultimately to be integrated with SciVal)
  • Using Scopus Author profiles, offer recommended opportunities for a group of researchers

These enhancements:

  • Optimizes recommendations for researchers with different discipline focuses as well as researchers without Scopus Author profiles
  • Offer team-based opportunity recommendations, streamlining work and driving efficiencies

Third quarter 2020

  • Add new functionality to offer recurring opportunities not yet published
  • Provide a new opportunities search filter to pinpoint the country in which the research must be conducted
  • As a testament to the growing global coverage of data on Funding Institutional, offer new opportunities search functionality to filter opportunities by language
  • Provide support for disseminating opportunities through a custom newsletter
  • Increase funder hierarchies

These enhancements:

  • Help with more proactive pre-grant planning
  • Provide quick understanding of applicant eligibility
  • More easily navigate non-English content, saving time and effort
  • Expedited opportunities communications in a professional format, offering more enterprise support and timeliness in opportunity communications
  • Offer improved search experience through structured data, and improves the understanding of funder relationships and hierarchies, which is particularly helpful with government funders

Fourth quarter 2020

  • Offer additional support for building teams
  • Relase a new public awards API, allowing users to input a list of Scopus authors and output a list of awards for those researchers

These benefits:

  • Build recommendations for a team, increasing efficiencies
  • Streamline workflow by sharing opportunities, saving time and effort
  • Offer a new option for evaluation
  • Provide customized reports, increasing the user experience and optimizing workflows

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