New on Funding Institutional: Internal opportunities

March 2019

With a major release, scheduled for March 25, 2019, Funding Institutional searchers will be able to manage both internal and external funding opportunities, further streamlining the otherwise time-consuming process of searching for research funding.

— Within your institution, an Editor will have special administrative rights to create (or modify or delete) internal funding opportunities:

Screen-shot of Create an internal opportunity page | Elsevier Solutions

— Which can be searched, along with external opportunities, by other users within your organization:

Screen-shot of 'Funding opporunities' | Elsevier Solutions

— Internal users can view brief details about the internal opportunity or, by clicking on the title, open the full description of the internal opportunity to learn more details.

Screen-shot of 'Test opportunity' page results

In its drive to better meet researchers’ needs, Elsevier is pleased to provide this new Funding Institutional functionality, providing insights into external and internal funding opportunities from within a single solution.