Better together: Funding Institutional integrates with Pure

Now, seamlessly export Funding Institutional grant opportunities into Pure

March 2020

New functionality allows Pure users to identify their more relevant, most winnable, grant opportunities, as identified in Funding Institutional, into Pure.

    This new Funding Institutional-to-Pure integration helps users, including researchers and research administrators:

  • Using Funding Institutional, to save time and effort seeking the most relevant, and winnable, funding opportunities...
  • And through Pure, optimize their grant application success rates.

From any search, funding opportunities can be selected and, using the new Send to Pure button, seamlessly imported into Pure, as shown here with these Advanced search results.

Funding opportunities - FI | Elsevier

Opportunities that are identified via the Recommended Opportunities feature can also be imported into Pure:

Ethical and responsible research - FI | Elsevier

Internal opportunities, as input by Funding Institutional admins and editors, can also be ingested into Pure and viewed by all users within an institution:

International branch Early career research and Leadership award - FI | Elsevier

To help keep imported opportunities orderly and easily located within Pure, add labels, as shown here:

Send to Pure screen - FI | Elsevier