New Awards Visualizations on Funding Institutional

At-a-glance awards data visualizations help to glean more funding insights

April 2020

Through data visualizations, such as charts, graphs and maps, we can more quickly to see and understand trends, outliers and patterns in data.

To help you to access and learn from funding data, we are pleased to share news of an exciting Funding Institutional release that will enhance the existing Awards data visualizations to better help users to understand funding trends:

  • Find out the most active funders in your research discipline
  • Analyze the awards trend over the years for your search query
  • Discover which funding types can fund your research

Funding Awards analytics

Also, we constantly add funding bodies’ data to increase the comprehensive coverage of funding opportunities and grants data in Funding Institutional. In the past year, we grew our data coverage from 3,200 funding bodies to over 5,000 and increased the global coverage from just over forty countries to more than seventy countries, and in 2020, we will continue to aggressively grow our funding data.