Funding Institutional Releases

Funding Institutional continues to evolve to help institutional staff navigate the complex, high-stakes funding environment in a way that saves resources and increases grant success.

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Below is a list of previous Funding Institutional releases:

December 2018
With this release, Administrators and Editors can add notes to the funding opportunities and the funders to share specific information with all the researchers within the institution
October 2018
  • Our October 2018 releases provided additional functionality for managing roles within a Funding Institutional account;
  • A new enhancement, administrators can assign viewer, editor, or administrator roles, and related permissions, to other users;
  • Another new feature is the ability to designate a user as an administrative point of contact; this function would be visible for other users within their institution so they know whom to contact about their Funding Institutional account and permissions;
  • To manage roles within an institution, administrators can now search accounts using an email address.
September 2018
Searches saved as alerts on Funding Institutional can now be updated daily, increasing the awareness of new funding opportunities.

New on Funding Institutional: Internal Opportunities

March, 2019

With a major release, scheduled for March 25, 2019, Funding Institutional searchers will be able to manage both internal and external funding opportunities, further streamlining the otherwise time-consuming process of searching for research funding.

New on Funding Institutional: Share a Group & New Access options for Opportunities

June, 2018

Two major items were released in June for Funding Institutional Users: Share a Group and Opening Access to Opportunities inside the Institution Network.

New on Funding Institutional: Track and Manage

May 2, 2018

This week we made enhancements to your ability to track and manage active funding opportunities so that you are kept up-to-date with minimal effort. Read on to learn more or log in to try these new features for yourself.

What’s new on Funding Institutional? Sharing opportunities

February 20, 2018

This week, we introduced Funding Institutional’s ability to share opportunities to promote collaboration and grant success. Read on to learn how this feature will enhance your workflow or Log in now to try it.

What’s new on Funding Institutional? Improved search

February 5, 2018

This week, we updated Funding Institutional’s opportunity search functionality. Please reference the release details to learn about key enhancements that will save you time and enhance your workflow, including how to export search results in Excel. Log in now and take advantage of these new search functions today.