Funding Institutional supports and optimizes the complete pre-application funding workflow. It provides insights into the funding landscape, helping you discover funding opportunities and aiding application and resource allocation decision-making.

Increase grant success rates with funding insights, discovery, and decisions.

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Gain insight into the funding landscape

Attain an in-depth understanding of the funding landscape using Funding Institutional overviews. Country level overviews show funded research and future funding opportunities, while research area overviews highlight research areas attracting funding. Get insight into past records of success by looking at overviews detailing fund recipients and past funds won by your peers and competitors.

Search for opportunities

Search for funding opportunities by research area (using All Science Journal Classification (ASJC)), keywords (Boolean search logic) or profile (based on publication history). You can track opportunities by adding saving to your favourites. Time-saving features allow you to review, save and re-use your search histories and notifications alert you to new funding opportunities.

Select relevant opportunities

Assess your eligibility to apply for funds by reviewing past successes for your institution. Funding Institutional enables you to look at awarded grants history and identify funders who previously awarded grants to your institution.

Disseminate opportunities and select for limited submission

Disseminate opportunities to eligible researchers in your institution using publication history and past success rates with the funder. Funding Institutional will limit applications to the number most likely to succeed and allows you to control your communications; set automatic notifications, enrich communications by manually adding information, disseminate communications through a variety of channels.

Build teams

Funding Institutional will help you identify potential collaborators in your institution by looking at publication history and past success in winning grants with the selected funder.

Track and report

Track and report on your activities as you move through the funding process. Export intelligence to help with funding landscape analysis, download metrics and track activities around funding opportunities and pull reports to monitor shared alerts and recommendations.


Through its many use cases and features, Funding Institutional:

  • Increases grant success rates
    by supporting decision making, analysing awarded grant history and identifying the most eligible researchers
  • Uncovers new funding sources
    through keyword (Boolean search logic) or faceted search
  • Saves time and resources
    by consolidating the funding workflow and merging funder data into a single, comprehensive overview
  • Supports strategic decision making
    by combining data on awarded grants, funders and funding opportunities