Funding Institutional sources data on funding opportunities, funder profiles, awarded grants and Scopus researcher profiles and combines it in such a way that, whatever role you play as an institutional stakeholder, you can apply it directly to your work, responsibilities and workflows.

Funding data harvested directly from funder websites is re-worked into an Elsevier-defined standardized format and curated and enriched with:

  • Scopus ASJC categories
    Adding research discipline classifications to funding opportunities and awarded grants
  • Scopus Author IDs
    Connecting researcher names with awarded grants and removing ambiguities
  • Scopus Affiliation IDs
    Connecting affiliation names with awarded grants and removing ambiguities

Use cases

Funding Institutional is unique due to our combination of data sources. It is the only tool in the market that addresses the end-to-end institutional funding workflow and supports institutional staff in all their key funding activities; from analyzing the funding landscape, to managing the funding search and selection process.

Funding Institutional is unique due to our combination of data sources

Funder profiles, awarded grants data and Scopus researcher profiles can also be used to assess the relevancy of funding opportunities found outside Funding Institutional. Additionally, they can be used to identify the most eligible researchers, from which the most suitable can be selected for grant proposal submission, and a team built.

Data Quality

Funding Institutional data quality standards are set according to Elsevier standards, which define high-quality data as being:

  • Current:
    Updated on a daily (tier 1) to weekly (tier 4) basis following updates on funder websites
  • Correct:
    Curated and spot-checked by Elsevier before updates are made available to users
  • Comprehensive:
    Complete in breadth of information, including data on previously awarded grants
  • Consistent:
    Collated data from all funders and presented in a standardized format

Data on Funding Institutional is collated from a wide variety of sources. As each source is unique, they require a separate approach, which can cause inconsistencies in content capturing and category assigning. Quality assurance processes are in place to capture instances when this happens, and these processes are continuously updated and improved.


Funding institutional comprehensively covers grants from the United States, United Kingdom and pan European funding bodies, and additionally includes select opportunities from around the globe. We are continuously expanding our coverage, so please contact us if you wish to learn more about coverage in your specific country or region.

Key Funding Institutional statistics:

Key Funding Institutional statistics

Funder Registry

Elsevier is one of the founders of the Funder Registry. Facilitated by Crossref, the Funder Registry is a collaborative project of scholarly publishers and funding agencies that supports a standard way of reporting funding sources for published scholarly research. The Funder Registry is donated and maintained by Elsevier and updated approximately monthly with new funders. More information can be found here.