Funding Institutional offers your organization a competitive edge: a holistic view of the research funding landscape that combines:

  • Over 20,000 active funding opportunities
  • Information on more than 3 million awarded research grants and
  • Profiles on over 3,500 global funders, including public and private organizations

All in a single solution.

    With Funding Institutional, you can:

  • Glean insights into previous awardees’ funding successes and understand funding trends at country- or funder-levels
  • Discover new funding opportunities by research area, keywords, or researcher profile
  • Assess your eligibility to apply for funds by reviewing past successes for your institution
  • Share relevant opportunities with eligible researchers using data on publication portfolios and past funding success
  • Identify potential collaborators in your institution by reviewing publication history and past grant success with a selected funder
  • Export funding intelligence to help with landscape analysis, download metrics and track funding opportunity activities, and more!

Funding Institutional offers a unique value to institutions:

Funding Institutional provides one platform where I can be comprehensively informed about funding opportunities.

[Funding Institutional] has increased our efficiency and provided us with access to more opportunities.

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