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Funding Institutional makes the complex, high-stakes funding environment manageable

About Funding Institutional

Funding Institutional helps institutional staff navigate the complex, high-stakes funding environment in a way that saves resources and increases grant success.  It is a single-source workflow tool containing data on funders, funding opportunities and awarded grants, drawn from a wide range of governmental and private sources.  Developed for institutional staff who analyse the funding landscape and manage the search and selection process, it supports three key objectives:

  • Insights: Providing insight into key funding trends
  • Discovery: Uncovering funding opportunities
  • Decisions: Aiding resource allocation decision-making

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Funding Institutional offers reliable and up-to-date funding coverage, encompassing large-scale multidisciplinary awards, niche grants and ad hoc offerings. Its holistic approach ensures you will capture all relevant opportunities and can effectively match high-potential funders and opportunities to your most eligible researchers, in a time-efficient way. Across your institution Funding Institutional:

  • Increases grant success rates
  • Uncovers new funding sources
  • Insures efficient use of time and resources
  • Supports strategic decision making

Unique value

Funding Institutional offers unique value to institutions. This unique value comes from:

  • Our data: combining funder, funding opportunities and awarded grants data with Scopus profiles
  • Our product: a single-source workflow tool supporting insight, discovery and decision-making
  • Our ecosystem: integration with unique Elsevier assets, such as Scopus Profiles and the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine