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Reach more readers and save time

Elsa takes desktop publishing to a whole new level. Elsa is an easy-to-use, online, end-to-end content creation platform for authors, contributors, and Elsevier staff that is designed to address your biggest publishing challenges. Reach more readers, save time, and create content that’s available to anyone, anywhere, at the time they need it most.

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Write away

Write, edit, track progress, and monitor manuscript quality — all with the help of a centralized dashboard. It’s all right there, no spreadsheets required.

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Track edits

It’s frustrating to constantly track, share, and save file versions. With Elsa, say goodbye to your fear of working on the wrong version or missing edits. You can see when changes were made and click to compare versions.

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Collaborate seamlessly

Elsa coordinates the entire project from manuscript to market and streamlines workflows so you can communicate and collaborate effortlessly with all your publishing partners, all in one place. No more guesswork. No more endless email strings.

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Create richer content

By making suggestions for tagging, linking, and structuring, Elsa gives you the opportunity to create richer, more discoverable content. Become an active partner to technology and help boost your content’s potential.

See how Elsa works

Watch the demo video to see for yourself how Elsa’s innovative features help eliminate obstacles, power seamless collaboration, and ease the coordination of your book project from manuscript to market.