Progressive drug data for evolving needs

Gold Standard Drug Database is the solution powered to fulfill the evolving demands of complex healthcare systems and applications. Whether you need drug data for any type of use today ─ or for visionary solutions we haven’t even imagined yet ─ Gold Standard Drug Database is the integrated drug data partner you will value for generations to come.

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Drug Database Uses

Gold Standard Drug Database helps our customers solve these challenges and more:

  • Informing medication management
  • Enhancing patient care and drug safety
  • Improving drug therapy outcomes
  • Tracking drug pricing and managing costs
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Analyzing drug data and related performance

Explore our Content Sets, and read about some of the ways our customers use Gold Standard Drug Database below.

EHR/CPOE/e-prescribing/physician practice management

Gold Standard Drug Database supplies the knowledge providers need within their workflow to make safe and effective medication decisions

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Acute pharmacy and nursing care

Gold Standard Drug Database supports clinicians in acute care settings with drug data to move through medication-oriented tasks efficiently and safely.

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Ambulatory pharmacy care

Gold Standard Drug Database gives pharmacists in ambulatory settings the tools to ease patient care routines, reduce costs and safely manage drug regimens.

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Medication reconciliation and therapy management

Gold Standard Drug Database equips users responsible for medication management programs with tools to reduce drug errors and improve drug delivery.

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Claims processing/adjudication/audits

Gold Standard Drug Database helps users adjudicate claims, meet regulatory requirements, ensure fair reimbursements & enhance operational efficiency.

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Drug utilization review

Gold Standard Drug Database offers robust capabilities for effective drug utilization review (DUR) programs.

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Formulary management

Gold Standard Drug Database supplies resources to support both the clinical and financial benefits of formulary management.

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Drug price analysis

Gold Standard Drug Database supports users in the drug supply chain with pricing data to drive effective price analysis & maintain profitable margins.

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Business intelligence

We are all familiar with the ever-growing presence of data in our day-to-day environment. What’s more important is recognizing that the evolution of data is not only ongoing, it is accelerating. Elsevier understands the importance of growing your data capabilities and the impact this has on your operations.

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Advanced drug data for the next era of healthcare delivery

As medicine continues to evolve at an electric pace, Gold Standard Drug Database is unique in offering technology and content able to keep progressing with our customers. Gold Standard Drug Database supports advanced areas of healthcare such as pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine, health wearables and other mobile tech, bio-inspired engineering and so much more.

We’re always looking ahead to enhancing the future of healthcare. If you are, too, let’s start exploring how Gold Standard Drug Database can empower your business growth now and in the future.

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