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Strengthen drug information knowledge enterprise-wide with robust, relevant content from Gold Standard Drug Database. The database is built in a modular format so you can integrate only the information you need.

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Content Sets

Product Suite

Drug product suite

Fully compliant with NCPDP telecommunication and e-prescribing standards, product data includes U.S. brand and generic prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) drug products, herbal, vitamin and nutritional products, medical devices and diagnostic kits. Also includes the Hierarchy & Therapeutic Classification System and State & Federal Module.

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Drug Pricing

Drug pricing suite

Elsevier exclusively delivers the most current and complete drug pricing and analysis tools to support business decisions, competitive intelligence and cost control.

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Drug Images

Drug imaging suite

Extensive collection of high resolution, full color digital images for prescription and OTC products, including oral, solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules; non-drug items (such as syringes); and drug packaging as it appears on the pharmacy shelf

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Drug Reference

Drug reference suite

Referential content is concisely written to be actionable for frontline clinicians. When more comprehensive drug information is needed, this powerful resource is also an all-inclusive solution across your organization.

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Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support suite

By providing just-right answers for every healthcare setting, Gold Standard Drug Database ensures clinicians make informed decisions in less time and deliver optimal drug therapy to patients. Decision support alerts match Elsevier’s drug monograph content to align clinical thought processes and protect against false negative alerts that can lead to potentially unsafe drug therapy decisions, and suppress false positive alerts to shield clinicians from dangerous alert fatigue.

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Prescriber order entry suite

Gold Standard Drug Database supports a “prescriber-centric” approach by addressing thought processes and actions that fit naturally into the workflow of ordering a drug. Users benefit from a simpler, safer and ultimately more satisfying prescribing experience.

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Patient Education

Patient education suite

The Patient Education Suite supplies extensive medication and disease/condition patient education information. Patients who understand what to expect from their therapy are more likely to comply fully – leading to fewer adverse drug events, reduced readmissions, better health outcomes and overall cost savings.

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