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Integrated Database and Clinical Support Engine

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Transform the way your organization
uses drug information

Unique in structure and scope, Gold Standard Drug Database will transform the way your organization uses drug information to drive smarter clinical decisions.

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Controlling Prescription Drug Abuse

Pharmacists play a critical role in controlling prescription drug abuse. Not only do they need to understand state and federal laws governing their responsibilities on handling and dispensing controlled substances, they must also take proactive steps to help prevent drug misuse and abuse.

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Key Features of the Gold Standard Drug Database

Modern technical architecture, combined with current, accurate content, and built-in human logic for superior decision support put Gold Standard Drug Database  in a class by itself among drug databases. TRUE Daily Updates™ reflect the work we do, every day of the year, to supply the most current and accurate drug information available.  That’s our commitment to you and your patients.

  • Get TRUE Daily Updates™ - Every day, including weekends and holidays, Elsevier updates its drug information.  When a new drug launches or an important change is announced, you can access all pertinent information that same day. By getting the right updates right away, you can avoid dispensing delays, reimbursement problems, and potential risks to patient safety.
  • Banish Alert Fatigue - Intelligent decision support logic blocks “noise” and filters out false negative and false positive alerts by considering factors such as route of administration and accepted duplicate therapies. Clinicians are able to focus on relevant issues only, so their prescribing and dispensing decisions are more efficient.
  • Deliver Solutions for Every Healthcare Setting – The Drug Database is built in a modular format so you can bring in only the information you need, and none of the clutter you don’t.
  • Implement Easily – No matter how your current system is configured, our well-formed XML queries and responses integrate seamlessly for quick and cost-effective installation. And our nimble technology gives you total freedom from the manual data updates, reviews and repairs other drug databases require, saving time and money.


The expanding role of pharmacy to cut readmissions

Hospitals are facing Medicare payment penalties for high readmission rates. Various solutions have arisen to deal with this issue, such as a team-based approach to managing patients with chronic conditions, and using data analytics to identify patients at risk.

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Alert Fatigue and Patient Risk: An effective drug decision support system could eliminate both

Physicians agree that medication alerts can save patients from dangerous drug interactions, duplicates and inappropriate use. But they also claim they're plagued by too many alerts. Are there answers? A new drug decision support system is one.

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