Mendeley Data Margaret Oakley Dayhoff release

As part of the October 2019 Margaret Oakley Dayhoff release, we have updates to Data Repository, Data Search and Data Notebook (Hivebench).

Through the integration of the Data Search API with Pure (the CRIS solution by Elsevier), Pure users will be able to get full visibility of the datasets published by researchers in the institution.

    For Researchers: Improvements to Advanced Search

  • A very large number of researchers worldwide have already elected Data Search as their tool to find publicly available datasets. To help them do that even more effectively, we enhanced the advanced search functionality, with the addition of new targeters (DOI, InstitutionID, AuthorID) to perform a targeted search.

Mendeley Data Repository

  • For Institutions: Ability to moderate datasets prior to go-live, so that data curators can maintain dataset quality

    Delegated institutional moderators are now able to review each dataset associated to the institution when it’s submitted for publishing, and either approve the dataset to go live, or return to the author with feedback. This gives moderators the opportunity to improve dataset records, by asking authors to make corrections, provide more complete metadata, remove sensitive files, etc.

    Institutional moderation - Mendeley Data Margaret Oakley Dayhoff release
  • For Institutions: Further enhancements to the ability to hold data files on the institution’s AWS S3 storage, for draft and public datasets

    We can integrate with institutions’ AWS S3 storage, so that they can store their data on their own servers. This allows the institution to maintain control and ownership of files, while Mendeley Data provides an easy-to-use and intuitive repository interface for depositing and downloading files.

  • For Researchers: Improved look and feel for the public dataset and file view pages, and shorter loading time

    We have rebuilt our dataset and data file view pages from the ground up, to improve robustness and page load performance, so that even datasets containing several thousand data files load fast.

    3d reconstruction data - Mendeley Data Margaret Oakley Dayhoff release
  • For Researchers: File preview for further media formats (TIF/TIFF and video)

    Researchers can now preview widely-used TIF/TIFF image files and videos in the browser, so they can view and evaluate the data quickly and easily.

    TIFF viewer - Mendeley Data Margaret Oakley Dayhoff release

Data Notebook (Hivebench)

  • For Institutions: Protocol versioning

    Researchers can create multiple versions of a protocol and share them within their research group to run experiments.

    Protocol to import - Mendeley Data Margaret Oakley Dayhoff release
  • For Institutions: Improvements to the admin function

    Administrators can review platform usage looking at metrics related to number of users, experiments, or data.

    Admin panel - Mendeley Data Margaret Oakley Dayhoff release
  • For Researchers: iOS13 and macOS updates

    We have worked to ensure we support the latest features support in iOS13 and macOS, like for example supporting “dark mode” on iPad (see picture below).

    Protocols - Mendeley Data Margaret Oakley Dayhoff release