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Take the next step and discover how Elsevier’s Research Intelligence solutions can help you achieve your strategic research goals.

Institutions around the world rely on Research Intelligence tools to answer the most pressing challenges facing their researchers and research managers. Our interoperable analytical solutions generate actionable insights with:

  • Quality, structured data and information
  • Advanced analytics
  • An array of indicators and metrics

Increase your insight, productivity and ability to compete throughout the research lifecycle

  • Research strategy: develop a research strategy and inform strategic planning to achieve research goals.
  • Expertise & collaboration: identify researchers and cross-sector partners to advance research programs and the research enterprise
  • Research funding: gain a holistic view of the funding landscape to identify and manage the most relevant funding opportunities
  • Conducting research: discover relevant research and enhance research workflow and productivity
  • Research management: optimize monitoring and administration of research activities and information to make decisions with confidence
  • Impact & engagement: increase visibility of research and researcher profiles to build a reputation for excellence and advance open science and scholarship

Technical Support

Are you a current user or administrator of a Research Intelligence solution and experiencing technical issues? Visit our product support centers to find helpful resources and contact our technical support team.

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