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Elsevier’s Research Intelligence portfolio serves research institutions, industry, funders and policy makers with objective data and trusted solutions & systems to enable these organizations to build their research portfolios, optimize funding flows, assemble collaborative partnerships, manage and report on the full spectrum of research activities.

  • Elsevier integrates institutional and external data sources with information from Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database, to provide innovative solutions like SciVal, Funding Institutional, Expert Lookup, & Fingerprinting Solutions.
  • With Pure, Mendeley Data, and Digital Commons, Elsevier is a leading research enterprise systems provider supporting research institutions’ needs to manage and showcase research outputs to increase impact.
  • Through Analytical Services & Scopus Custom Data services, we provide universities and funders with accurate, unbiased data & analyses of research performance by combining high quality data sources with technical, research metrics expertise.

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