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ClinicalKey AI for Individuals

The power of Clinicalkey delivered directly to physicians. ClinicalKey AI combines trusted, evidence-based clinical content with responsible AI.

Coming in August 2024.

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Trusted Content. Powered by Responsible AI

Elevate clinician expertise

  • Ask clinical questions the way you would a trusted specialist or colleague with conversational search backed by comprehensive, evidence-based content

  • Confident decision making that includes references with linked citations to supporting published evidence

  • Ease of use by aligning with existing clinical workflow

  • Understand patient context like comorbidities and current medications.

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What sets ClinicalKey AI above anything else that I’ve ever experienced is the ability to dialogue back and forth. You ask a question. It responds. Based on the answers that it provides you dig a little deeper and you ask a further question, and you can dialogue back and forth in virtually real time.

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CMIO, mid-sized IDN

Great tool. It is fast and easy to find answers that are accurate and evidence-based. I found a quick answer to treatment of hypertension in a patient that would have required 20 minutes longer to research.

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CMIO, mid-sized IDN

ClinicalKey AI Wins “AI Innovation Award” in 8th Annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program. Read the press release here

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MedTech Breakthrough Award 2024

Developed responsibly

For over 10 years, Elsevier has used AI and machine learning responsibly in our products, combining it with unparalleled peer-reviewed content, extensive data sets and sophisticated analytics. 

ClinicalKey AI is developed in line with Elsevier's Five Responsible AI Principles

  1. We consider the real-world impact of our solutions on people. 

  2. We take action to prevent the creation or reinforcement of unfair bias. 

  3. We can explain how our solutions work. 

  4. We create accountability through human oversight. 

  5. We respect privacy and champion robust data governance. 

Elsevier's Five Responsible AI Principles