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Evidence-based manuals & top instructor videos boost nursing.

It can be used by all staff, including nurses, nursing assistants, and care workers. It can also be used for educational planning along the clinical ladder


Health resource website for nurses released on International Nurses Day on May 12th


【エルゼビアヘルス看護師向けリソースWebサイト- Elsevier Health Resources for Nursesはこちら】

※英語サイトとなります。日本語での閲覧は、ブラウザのページ翻訳機能などを適宜ご利用ください。 in new tab/window)


・医療現場で看護師が直面する重要な課題に関する記事(例:医療技術が進化する中で看護師が身につけるべき批判的思考能力、初心者からリーダーまで:看護師のキャリアパスにおける成長戦略 など)


・ウェビナー「ベッドサイドを超えて: 看護師が医療の未来の形成にどのように貢献できるか」など



▶ [39 lectures free acess] Management skill improvement support project for nursing managers

この春から新しく看護管理職に就かれた方や、現在すでに管理職の方を対象に、看護 eラーニング「ナーシング・スキル」のマネジメントスキルアップに必要とされる講義39本を厳選し、期間限定で無料公開いたします。




申込受付期間:2024年4月15日(月)~ 6月17日(月)

詳細、対象コンテンツ一覧はこちら(opens in new tab/window)

お申込みはこちら(opens in new tab/window)

News: we have launched new modules on NursingSkills!

We are committed to providing continuous learning opportunities through our series of webinars and educational programs. Our offerings focus on a range of topics that cater to professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Stay tuned for updates on our latest webinars and programs designed to empower your practice with evidence-based knowledge and ethical sensitivity in the field.

You can always check the latest nursing procedure manual

All procedures are updated regularly once a year, and alerts from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and changes in guidelines are immediately reflected. The procedures are described with scientific basis, and the contents of your own facility can be easily reflected significantly reduces the burden of update work

You can check the technique on video

You can watch the steps in a video, which makes it easy to imagine what a clinical site would look like. If you look at it in advance, you will be able to work smoothly during group training, and you will be able to solidify the basics at the site early.

In-hospital training can be carried out effectively using video lectures

Contains a variety of video lectures of 15 minutes each that can be used not only for self-study, but also for in-hospital and departmental training. Achieving effective in-hospital training

Can be used throughout the hospital

There is no limit to the issuance of IDs to hospital staff. It can also be used for statutory training for the entire hospital, achieving high cost effectiveness.

Material download

  • Nursing skills (meets a wide range of needs with abundant functions and content)

  • Nursing Skills Lite (Simple functions and affordable price)

Library interior

Training plan that follows the clinical ladder

Integrates EHR Feature

Free samples of procedures

You can try out the tracheal suction procedures, basic information, procedure videos, checklists, tests, and related procedures listed in the actual product.
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For training plans in line with the clinical ladder

Nursing skills video series ▶ Access insights on specialized fields, education, & management anytime from top instructors.
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Nurse specific conduct training

Nursing skills specific behavior training ▶ Limited to facilities with nursing skills contract, common +21 categories are provided for 400,000 yen (excluding tax, annual)

"It's essential for students to consider why the methods they learned in school differ from those in the medical field. Students who have grasped the foundational reasoning behind procedures through Nursing Skills will, even if the methods at their training sites differ, reflect on the rationale for those actions. By doing so, they can identify the similarities."


Osaka Medical University, Faculty of Nursing

Other recommended series

Nursing Skills Video Lecture Series: Learn the latest knowledge in specialized fields, education, and nursing management anytime through lectures by renowned instructors.

Nursing Skills Specific Act Training: Available exclusively to contracted facilities with Nursing Skills, offering the common + 21 categories for 400,000 yen (excluding tax, annually).

Details on Video Lecture Series Details on Specific Act Training